In the present age of the fast-paced world, market trends and updates have become an essence. Therefore, as traders and investors, we should always be informed about the recent market happenings.

Every investor out there in the market cannot be solely dependent on the technical skills. One also has to be wary about the fundamental aspects of stock picking.

But while we are busy making trade calls and taking positions, how is it possible to get hold of every news that comes our way?


Though televisions can be the answer to the problem however it becomes difficult for investors to choose which particular newsfeed is important and which ones to ignore.

This is where the ever-engaging twitter comes into the picture. An important report by a major news channel read that the stories sometimes have appeared on a reporter’s twitter account than on the actual website.

Therefore, in this article we will discuss few twitter related investment and finance feeds to follow to stay ahead of others in the markets and make the right decisions.

Let’s begin!


Having roughly 1.79 million followers, @livemint provides information on breaking news and analysis on Indian and world businesses, economy, geo-politics from Mint newspaper.

We can find tweets roughly every five to ten minutes on the most important news floating in the markets.

2.Reuters India

Having around 500 thousand followers and 127 thousand feeds, @ReutersIndia brings the latest news from India and around the world. Therefore, we can get the latest happenings in the markets without any adieu.\

3.Economic Times

EconomicTimes is a Times Internet Product and is India’s No. 1 Business Daily that brings us the latest news feed.

It is one of the most followed Twitter accounts for financial and market feeds and has roughly 3.11 million followers and 368 thousand tweets.


@moneycontrolcom is exclusively related to breaking news and in-depth analysis of markets and companies and other investment tools.

We can always be up on our toes through this account. It has roughly 636 thousand followers and 189 thousand tweets.

5.NDTV Profit

@NDTVProfit provides tweets for live streaming of NDTV Profit. This offers latest stock markets news, Sensex news, Nifty news and other business news. It has 731 thousand followers and roughly 104 thousand tweets.

6.Safal Niveshak

Financial and market news is important in making financial decision for individual investors. Mr. Vishal Khandelwal, founder of Safalniveshak, seeks to help small investors become independent and make smarter investment decisions.

We can follow his tweets via @safalniveshak. Currently, there are 52.9 thousand followers and around 7.4 tweets.

7. Basant Maheshwari

Mr. Basant Maheshwari through his platform @BMEquityDesk brings forth the latest happenings in the financial world as well as other key content such as extracts from newsletters and his own opinions on the markets.

He has also written a book named, ‘The Thoughtful Investor’ and is the co-founder and Partner at Maheshwari Wealth Advisers LLP (A SEBI registered Portfolio Manager).

Currently, @BMEquityDesk has 60.7 thousand followers and 6.1 thousand tweets.

8.Forbes India

Run by journalists, @forbes_india brings us the latest conversations in the world of Indian and international business in alliance with @forbes.

The account has more than 1.16 million followers and around 45.7 thousand tweets.

9.Business Standard

This account provides live coverage on matters related to economy, companies, markets, politics and technology. BS stands for Business Standard and is one of India’s leading newspapers.

Currently, @bsindia has around 1.71 million followers.

10.Financial Times

Financial Times is one of the oldest finance-related media publications in circulation.

@FinancialTimes is the twitter account for latest publications in the world of business.

We can get hold of all the latest news and opinions about business events in this handle. The account has one of the highest followers to the tune of 6.15 million and 245 thousand tweets till now.

11.ET Markets

Considered one of the most promising platforms for news and views on financial markets, as investors, we can expect to be thoroughly updated with the markets via @ETMarkets.

The handle has around 366 thousand followers.

12. Bloomberg Quint

One of India’s multi-platform business and financial news company, @BloombergQuint provides cutting edge insights and updates on the financial markets and economy not just for India but over the globe.

It is one of the major twitter handles to understand the nuances as well as form an opinion about the market.

The account has 64 thousand followers.


If we are a tyro in the world of financial markets then there is no better way to learn about the financial jargons than using @Investopedia, that provides free educational videos and learning materials to new aspirants in the markets. The account has roughly 111 thousand followers.

14. CNBC TV 18

Having around 617 thousand followers, @CNBCTV18Live is the twitter news ticker for CNBC-TV18. It helps investors in staying ahead of the markets via latest news in business and financial world.

15. India Infoline News

@IIFL_Live should be extensively used by investors as it is a one-stop shop for all the latest happenings in the world of markets and news related to Indian economy.

As investors, we can expect to get updates very frequently about the buzzing news. Currently, the account has 36.9 thousand followers.

16. ZeeBusiness

Zee Business considered as a medium for profit and wealth is India’s 1st 24-hour Hindi business channel.

@ZeeBusiness is the twitter account for Zee Business and consists of various TV news and special programmes to equip investors about the changes in the market abd how to make money. The handle has 139 thousand followers.

17.NSE India

Economy, Markets, Sectors, Companies, Bonds, Equities, Government securities, Investment strategy, changes in rules and regulations- if we search these words or any other similar words, we can find them all in the official twitter account of India’s leading stock exchange NSE.

The account has 107 thousand followers.

18. Business Today

Business Today is the leading business magazine and @BT_India is the official twitter handle of the magazine.  This account tweets on the latest happenings in the field of business (encompasses all events and news related to companies, governments).

The account has roughly 924 thousand followers.

Indian markets are dependent not just on domestic factors, but also on various global factors such as oil prices, Fed rate hike risks, trade wars, Brexit etc.

Therefore, as investors, we should also be well read about these happenings on the global front.


@BloombergTV helps investors all around the globe to be ahead of the markets by bringing all latest feeds happening globally.

We can expect not just news but also latest interviews, views, panel discussions, forum meetings for the same. The account has roughly 494 thousand followers.

20.WSJ Markets

@WSJMarkets is the official twitter account of The Wall Street Journal. The account brings in breaking news, in-depth analysis and views on global markets and finance. Therefore, this account becomes instrumental for investors around the world.

21. Groww

groww logo

groww logo

Groww is an investment platform and their twitter account keeps you up-to-date with whatever is happening in the economic market.

From information about stocks to mutual to insurance and personal finance, Groww is your twitter destination for everything investment.


The twitter accounts mentioned above will help us in not just knowing the key events playing out in the markets but also the economic happenings around the globe, to make some super-smart personal financial decisions.

So rather than switching the TV every now and then for the latest news, we can easily follow these accounts to get key insights on the market and the economy.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this post are that of the author and not those of Groww


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