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Our mission is simple: make investing simple and accessible to everyone.

When we started investing more than 10 years back, it took considerable amount of time and effort to get started because of the complexity and the lack of transparency. When we look around today, things haven't changed at all. Investing is still a very complex thing and a good financial advice is limited to only select few. The stats says it all - in a country of 1.3 billion, there are less than 20 million investors, while people are losing billions of rupees by keeping it idle in the banks.

Groww is striving to change this. Groww helps you with

1.   Finding the right portfolio for your needs

2.   Personalized assistance to achieve your goals

3.   Awesome customer support to un-complicate the investing process

If you have never invested before, or given up because of various reason, you should try Groww. We have built Groww keeping customers in our mind.



1.    Customer first: Every decision at any level in this company shall be based on how it benefits and delights our customers.

2.    Building simple products: If investing needs to be made simple, our products need to be simple for customers.

3.    Transparency: Our business stands on the trust of our stakeholders including our customers and we achieve it by being completely transparent.



Lalit Keshre


Investing for the last 14 years. ex-Flipkart. IITB. Rebel. Loves taking long shots.

Lalit's Portfolios :

Harsh Jain


Registered Investment Advisor. ex-Flipkart. MBA from UCLA. IIT Delhi, Problem solver. Loves getting things done.

Harsh's Portfolios :

Neeraj Singh


Builds things that scale. ex-Flipkart. ex-JDA. Too busy to maintain LinkedIn profile. Also a Registered Investment Advisor.

Neeraj's Portfolios :

Ishan Bansal


Registered Investment Advisor. CFA Level 3, Investing and advising since 9 years, ex-ICICI. ex-Flipkart. BITS. Number guy. Second level thinker.

Ishan's Portfolios :

John Francis


Talks less, codes more. Codes some more. ex-Flipkart.

Vikas Singh


I code to build delightful experience for customers.

Amritha Pallath

Customer success

Engineering by degree but customer champion by choice. I love talking to customers.

Amritha's Portfolios :

Aashi Bisariya


Loves traveling besides writing code. Any kind of code.

Aashi's Portfolios :



We leverage lot of data sciences to bring the most relevant data for our customers and in providing them the personal assistance they need. Over our small history, we have built a customer obsessed team that we are proud of.

If you want to join us, please apply through angel list for our open positions. We are currently looking for full stack developers and content writers.

If you think you can raise the bar of our team and none of the open positions are applicable to you, write to us at