Reliance Mutual Fund

Reliance Nippon Life Asset Management or RNAM is an asset management company. It is one of India’s two largest asset management companies. Currently, it has over $60 billion in its corpus. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani or ADA Group.

As of 2019, it has interests in diversified fields like managed accounts, mutual funds, offshore accounts or alternative investments.

RNAM is the only asset manager of Reliance Mutual Funds. It is the only AMC which has EPFO, PFRDA and CMPFO permits to have a fund management mandate.

RNAM also acts as the advisor to Japan’s Equity and Fixed Income funds and South Korea’s Samsung Asset Management so far as the Indian market is concerned.

Reliance Mutual Fund or RMF was set up in June 1995 under the Indian Trusts Act of 1882. It was registered with the SEBI in the same year. Initially called Reliance Capital Mutual Find, it was renamed as RMF in 2004 vide letter number IMPD/PSP/4958/2004 issued by the SEBI.

This mutual fund currently operates in over 300 cities all across India and is growing at a fast pace.

According to figures disclosed in early 2019, the company’s Average Assets Under Management or AAUM stood at Rs. 2,33,628.56 Crore.

Reliance Mutual Fund is currently one of best-performing organisations in India. In 2018-2019, it made a profit of Rs. 522 Crore in a single FY. A total of Rs. 20,559 Crore was added as in-house assets.

Presently, there are over 200 schemes which together constitute the range of Reliance Mutual Funds. Investors have more than 800 MF funds to choose from.

In 2018 alone, RMF added 81 Lakh investor portfolios to its kitty.

Top Performing Reliance Mutual Funds

Fund NameCategoryRisk1Y ReturnsRatingFund Size(in Cr)
merged with Reliance Focused Equity FundEquityModerately High9.4%3star1,376
Reliance Equity Hybrid FundHybridModerately HighN.A3star0
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Key information

Mutual fundReliance Mutual Fund
Founded30 June 1995
SponsorsNippon Life Insurance Company / Reliance Capital Limited
TrusteeReliance Capital Trustee Co. Ltd.
MD and CEOMr. Sundeep Sikka
CIOMr. Amit Tripathi (D) and Mr. Manish Gunwani (E)
Investor Service OfficerMr. Bhalchandra Joshi
Compliance OfficerMr. Muneesh Sud

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Top Fund Managers

Reliance Mutual Fund has some of the best talents on-board. Here are some of the best-known names.

1. Mr. Ashwani Kumar

Mr. Kumar brings with him a long and rich experience in wealth management. He has been a fund manager since 2003 and joined Reliance Mutual Funds at a crucial juncture. Mr. Kumar graduated from the University of Pune (then Poone) and also has an MBA in Finance Presently, he acts as the Senior Fund Manager in Equity Investments at RMF. He has worked previously at Zurich Asset Management Co. Ltd. too. Mr. Kumar has brought in money management techniques from outside India to make RMF one of the leaders in the Indian Mutual Funds sector.

He is also an avid cricket fan.

2. Mr. Sailesh Raj Bhan

Mr. Bhan has been with RMF for over 10 years now. He has also worked for 15 years in Reliance Nippon Life Asset Management Limited. He has managed the Reliance Multi Cap Fund that currently manages around $1.5 billion. He is also Deputy CIO at RMF. Mr. Bhan is a well-known face in India’s wealth management scene. The executive has also been tasked with managing the Reliance Consumption Fund besides also being tapped for advice on international markets.

3. Mr. Samir Rachh

Mr. Rachh has 29 years of experience in asset and capital management. He is an alumnus of the University of Mumbai. He was Assistant Editor of Capital Market Magazine and has also managed his own firm. Called Anvicon Research, it was an advisory and research institution. Before joining Reliance Mutual Fund, he was at Hinduja Finance.

Mr. Rachh has now been with RMF for the last 12 years. He is a renowned expert of Mid Cap and Small Cap stocks.

4. Mr. Sanjay Parekh

Mr. Parekh is younger than many of his senior colleagues but comes with 24 years of experience in both Equity Research and Fund Management. Before he started working with Reliance Nippon Life Asset Management, he was a high-profile Senior Fund Manager at ICICI Prudential Asset Management Company Ltd. From 2005 to 2008, he was Head of Investment at the famous ASK Investment Managers Ltd.

Mr. Parekh joined RMF as Senior Fund Manager in Equity Investments. He is enormously influential in his business circles.

5. Ms. Meenakshi Dawar

Ms. Dawar has been with Reliance Mutual Fund for about 10 years now. She is a B.Tech from IGIT-Delhi and has completed her PG in Management from the Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad. With a research background in Fund Management and Equity, she is now working with Reliance Value Fund and Reliance Vision Fund, and is a well-respected professional. Ms. Dawar has had a pioneering career with multiple product launches at IDFC where she worked before. She was previously an Equity Research Analyst at ICICI Securities.

6. Mr. Manish Gunwani

Mr. Gunwani is currently the CIO of Equity Investments at Reliance Mutual Fund. He is an alumnus of IIT Chennai, where he completed his B.Tech and also has a PGD in Management from IIM Bangalore.

With over 21 years of experience in work and research, mostly in Equity and Fund management, Mr. Gunwani has added a new edge of dynamism at RMF. Before joining Reliance, he managed two flagship funds at ICICI Prudential AMC. During his stint there, one of his managed funds rose to record levels- from half a billion to $3 billion.

Mr. Gunwani is a specialist in Small and Medium Caps, and has also worked before at a portfolio management facility. He is an eminent name in equity research and is well-travelled, attending seminars and conferences around the world.

There are several other industrial leading equity professionals who now jointly head manage Reliance Mutual Funds with just as rich portfolios.

Let's have a closer look

Now let us jump and check about these top 10 mutual fund schemes.

Reliance Focused Large Cap Fund Direct Growth

Fund Performance: This fund has consistently performed above the benchmark in Large Cap segment. It has given a commendable 10.27% annual returns in the last three years. In the previous year, it delivered 9.37% returns.

Why to invest: This fund has performed better than other funds in the same category. The minimum SIP investment amount required to invest in this scheme is ₹100. It is one of most notable Equity mutual funds in India.

Min Investment Amt₹5,000
1Y Returns9.4%

Nippon India Equity Hybrid Fund Segregated Portfolio 1 Direct Growth

Fund Performance: This fund has consistently performed above the benchmark in Aggressive Hybrid segment. It has given a commendable NA annual returns in the last three years. In the previous year, it delivered NA returns.

Why to invest: This fund has performed better than other funds in the same category. It is one of most notable Hybrid mutual funds in India.

Min Investment Amt₹500
1Y ReturnsNA

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