Top 10 Mirae Asset Mutual Funds

Fund NameCategoryRisk1Y ReturnsRatingFund Size(in Cr)
Mirae Asset India Equity FundEquityModerately High2.0%5star7,945
Mirae Asset Great Consumer FundEquityHigh4.9%4star397
Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip FundEquityModerately High-3.0%4star5,351
Mirae Asset Hybrid - Equity FundHybridModerately High3.1%4star1,023
Mirae Asset Tax Saver FundEquityModerately High2.2%3star1,024
Mirae Asset Cash Management FundDebtLow7.2%3star867
Mirae Asset Healthcare FundEquityHighN.A3star100
Mirae Asset Savings FundDebtModerately Low6.3%2star357
Mirae Asset China Advantage FundOthersHigh-7.0%1star10
Mirae Asset Dynamic Bond FundDebtModerate2.8%1star76
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Mirae Asset Mutual Fund

Mirae Asset is a global financial company which is present across 12 countries and 5 continents. The company was founded in 1997 and since then pioneered to become a global presence.

Mirae believes that they are the best investment choice because of their strong investment philosophy, and niche to understand comparative advantage of various companies to make a sustainable and long- lasting decision for investors. They always believe in investing with a long term goal to sustainability in the market.

They believe in assessing risk in a way that it ultimately optimizes returns of investors. They constantly monitor the valuation, liquidity and corporate governance so that any risk can be mitigated. As a global brand it has obtained the trust of investors and has made a mark for itself in the mutual fund industry.

Mirae Asset Mutual Fund

Launch Date29 Nov 2007
AddressUnit 606, 6th Floor, Windsor, Off CST Road, Kalina, Santacruz (E), MUMBAI 400098
AUM11,044 Cr

Best Selling Mirae Asset Mutual Funds

Mirae Asset Mutual Fund AMC offers some of the best mutual fund schemes in India. Some of the top-performing mutual funds of Mirae Asset Mutual Fund AMC given below.

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Best Mirae Asset Tax Saving Mutual Funds

These funds fall under Section 80 'C' of the Income Tax Act and primarily invest in equity and equity- related securities. Tax saving funds fall under the ELSS or Equity Linked Saving Scheme and they are a popular scheme among investors because they provide decent returns, along with a tax exemption up to Rs.1,50,000.

Best Mirae Asset Equity Mutual Funds

Equity funds are designed for investors who are willing to take a substantial amount of risk when it comes to their investments. These funds invest in equity and equity - related securities and provide better returns than debt and hybrid funds. They are typically characterized for long- term capital appreciation.

Best Mirae Asset Debt Mutual Funds

Debt funds are less volatile in nature, as compared to equity and they provide stable returns to an investor. SInce these funds invest in debt/money market instruments and government securities, the rate of returns is not as high as that of equity funds. These are ideal for investors who do not want to take a huge risk, with their investments.

Best Mirae Asset Hybrid Mutual Funds

Hybrid funds are safer than equity funds and there are a huge variety of choices suited to different risk appetites. They are cost effective. Moreover, hybrid funds offer the benefits of both stocks and bonds. Many companies market their funds as complete portfolio solution and have names such as “balanced,” “income,” “growth” and target dates.

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