Net inflows into open-ended equity schemes recorded a minimal growth in September 2021 as compared to August – at 8,677.41 crore. 

In August, the net inflows in open-ended equity schemes stood at Rs 8,666.68 crore. 

Debt funds, on the other hand, recorded a massive outflow of money. Net outflow in debt funds stood at Rs 63,910.23 crore. 

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In August, debt funds had recorded a net inflow of Rs 1,074.44 crores. In July, the net inflow was at Rs 73,694.04 crore. 

Read on to find out more on the mutual fund monthly report for September 2021.

Net Flows

Net flows give the net result of the total money that has moved into and moved out of the fund for a particular period. If the end result is negative, indicating outflows, it means that more money has been pulled out of the funds and vice versa.

  • Open-Ended Equity Funds

Open-ended equity funds recorded a small rise in net inflow from around 8,666.68 crore to 8,677.41 crore. Multi cap funds and sectoral/thematic funds received the highest inflows during September. 

Small cap funds, dividend yield funds, value fund/contra fund, and ELSS were the subcategories which recorded an outflow. 

Here’s how different subcategories performed.

Scheme Name Net Inflow (+ve)/Outflow (- ve) (in crore)
Open Ended Equity Schemes
Multi Cap Fund 3,569.45
Large Cap Fund 13.90
Large & Mid Cap Fund 258.24
Mid Cap Fund 1,350.97
Small Cap Fund -248.73
Dividend Yield Fund -18.41
Value Fund/Contra Fund -117.32
Focused Fund 114.45
Sectoral/Thematic Funds 2,618.27
ELSS -872.08
Flexi Cap Fund 2,008.67
Total  8,677.41
  • Open Ended Debt Schemes 

The outflows for open ended debt schemes stood at Rs 63,910.23 crore in September as compared to a net inflow of Rs 1,074.44 crores in August. 

The outflows in open ended debt schemes were primarily owing to a significant outflow in liquid funds – suggesting that investors liquidated their investments in September to fulfil the needs of urgent cash. 

Ultra short duration fund, low duration fund, money market fund, corporate bond fund and Banking and PSU Fund were amongst the other subcategories that recorded an outflow. 

Overnight funds received the highest inflows – giving an opposite picture to last month when overnight funds had recorded the highest outflows. 

Scheme Name Net Inflow (+ve)/Outflow (- ve) (in crore)
Open Ended Debt Schemes 
Overnight Fund 16,312.04
Liquid Fund -48,379.18
Ultra Short Duration Fund -10,908.95
Low Duration Fund -16,609.25
Money Market Fund -8,433.43
Short Duration Fund 64.48
Medium Duration Fund 2,098.64
Medium to Long Duration Fund 1,118.71
Long Duration Fund -9.86
Dynamic Bond Fund 423.81
Corporate Bond Fund -1,434.20
Credit Risk Fund 396.55
Banking and PSU Fund -4,404.35
Gilt Fund 51.08
Gilt Fund with 10 year constant duration -67.57
Floater Fund 5,871.27
Total -63,910.23

Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs)

The number of systematic investment plan (SIP) accounts stood at nearly 4.49 crore as compared to 4.32 crore in August, 2021. 

SIP contributions were at Rs 10,351 crores in September as compared to Rs 9,923 crores in August. 

SIP contributions have been rising for the past 3 months as in July the number had stood at Rs 9,609 crores. 


Assets under management or AUM refers to the total market value of all the assets being managed by a mutual fund. For example, assets in an equity fund are mostly the stocks it has and also a small proportion of cash. 

The number fluctuates regularly depending on the money flowing in and out of the fund and the price of the assets held by it.

Average Net Assets Under Management  Rs Crores
Open Ended Debt Schemes 
September 14.86 lakh
August 14.85 lakh
Open Ended Equity Schemes
September 12.65 lakh
August 11.91 lakh


A folio number is a unique number allotted to each mutual fund investor. When an investor purchases a fund, a folio number is assigned by the mutual fund company. There is no restriction on the number of folios as an investor can have different folio numbers for different funds.

No. of Folios as on 
Open Ended Equity Schemes
September 30,,2021 7.50 crore
August 31,2021 7.29 crore
Open Ended Debt Schemes 
September 30,2021 77.61 lakh 
August 31,2021 77.54 lakh 

New Schemes 

9 new open end schemes and 4 new close end schemes were launched in September 2021. Here’s the list of the new schemes:

Growth/ Equity Oriented Schemes
Multi Cap Fund Kotak Multicap Fund
Mid Cap Fund HSBC Midcap Fund 
Value Fund Axis Value Fund and Canara Robeco Value Fund
Sectoral/Thematic Funds Baroda Business Cycle Fund
Other Schemes
Index Funds Aditya Birla Sun Life Nifty SDL Plus PSU Bond Sep 2026 60:40 Index Fund; ICICI Prudential PSU Bond plus SDL 40:60 Index Fund – Sep 2027
Other ETFs Axis Consumption ETF and Mirae Asset S&P 500 Top 50 ETF
Closed Ended Schemes 
Fixed Term Plan  DSP FMP – Series 264 – 60M – 17D; SBI Fixed Maturity Plan (FMP)-Series 50 (1843 Days); Series 51 (1846 Days) and Series 52 (1848 Days)

Note: The above data has been collected from AMFI’s monthly mutual fund reports. 

Disclaimer: The data presented here is only for educational and informational purposes. This is in no way intended to be advice on what to buy or sell. Investors are advised to invest in mutual fund schemes after a thorough research from different sources and in alignment with their own investment goals. 


Investment in securities market are subject to market risks, read all the related documents carefully before investing. Please read the Risk Disclosure documents carefully before investing in Equity Shares, Derivatives, Mutual fund, and/or other instruments traded on the Stock Exchanges. As investments are subject to market risks and price fluctuation risk, there is no assurance or guarantee that the investment objectives shall be achieved. NBT do not guarantee any assured returns on any investments. Past performance of securities/instruments is not indicative of their future performance.