RTO (Regional Transport Office)

The Regional Transport Office, commonly referred to as RTO, is a government entity under the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. It is responsible for managing and regulating motor vehicle rules and carrying out all the activities under the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988.

There are several RTO offices spread across every state and union territory in India, providing a wide range of services related to vehicle registration, driving licenses, and vehicle inspections. Apart from these, these organisations also have various other roles and responsibilities that are mentioned below.

Role and Responsibilities of RTOs

The Regional Transport Office under the Motor Vehicle Act has the following roles and responsibilities:

  • It plays a vital role in ensuring the safety, regulation, and effective functioning of the Motor Vehicle Department.
  • It serves as the regulating authority to enforce traffic regulations, maintain records, manage transportation infrastructure, and maintain road safety.
  • It regulates the issuance of vehicle licences and permits.
  • RTOs are responsible for implementing any new rules issued by the government with respect to motor vehicles.
  • Issuing Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificates after conducting vehicle pollution tests.
  • Collection of road tax and licenses.
  • Conducting Vehicle Registration for all vehicles and issuance of permanent vehicle registration certificates.
  • Granting international driving licenses.
  • Issuing vehicle fitness certificate after conducting vehicle fitness check.

Services Offered by Regional Transport Office

Here are the major services offered by the Regional Transport Office:

  •  Registration of Vehicles:

RTOs are responsible for registering new and used vehicles. This process involves issuing a registration number, providing a registration certificate, and affixing a registration plate to the vehicle. Vehicle owners must register their vehicles at the nearest RTO office as per the guidelines of the Motor Vehicles Act.

  •  Driving License Issuance:

RTOs are authorised to issue driving licenses to eligible applicants after they pass the required tests. These tests include a written exam and a practical driving test. There are different categories of licenses available based on the types of vehicles.

  •  Vehicle Transfer and Ownership Change:

RTOs facilitate the transfer of vehicle ownership from one person to another. This process involves updating the registration certificate with the new owner's details.

  •  Issuing Fitness Certificate:

RTOs issue Vehicle fitness certificates to vehicles after conducting a thorough inspection to ensure they meet safety and emission standards. These certificates are renewed periodically.

  • Providing Temporary Permits:

RTOs issue temporary permits for vehicles that need to travel outside of the registered state for a limited duration.

  •  Permit for Commercial Vehicles:

RTOs provide permits for commercial vehicles, allowing them to operate within specified routes and regions. Different types of permits include goods carriage, passenger transport, and contract carriage permits.

  •  Renewal of Licenses and Certificates:

RTOs offer services for re-registration of vehicle RC, renewing driving licenses, fitness certificates, road permits, and other necessary documents that have a validity period.

  • No Objection Certificate (NOC):

Vehicle owners can obtain an NOC from the RTO if they intend to move their vehicle to a different state for registration or ownership transfer.

  • Issuing  Duplicate Licenses/Vehicle RC:

RTOs can issue duplicate registration certificates, driving licenses, or other essential documents in case of loss, theft, or damage.

  •  Tax Collection:

RTOs collect road tax and other fees as mandated by the state government. The tax amount varies based on the type of vehicle and its usage.

The above-given RTO services might vary slightly from one region to another, as they are governed by state-level regulations within the framework of the Motor Vehicles Act.

Vehicle Registration Process at RTO

RTO Vehicle Registration is the process of legally documenting and officially recognising a motor vehicle under the Vehicle Transport Department. It involves the process of getting a unique registration number and registration certificate for the vehicle.

Given below are the steps that need to be followed:

  • To register a vehicle through the Regional Transport Office, visit the nearest RTO office.
  • Collect the required application form for vehicle registration. 
  • Fill out the form and attest the required documents. 
  • Submit the completely filled form with the required vehicle registration fees to complete the vehicle registration procedure.

After successful submission, the applicant can track the RTO application status of their vehicle registration through the Mumbai RTO website (https://parivahan.gov.in/parivahan).

Documents Required for Vehicle Registration Process at RTO

Given below are the mandatory documents required for RTO Vehicle

  • Passport-size photos of the vehicle.
  • Form 20 or application form.
  • Form 21 or sale certificate (required if an individual sells the vehicle to the buyer).
  • Form 22 or roadworthiness certificate.
  • Vehicle Insurance Details
  • Applicant's address proof
  • If the applicant temporarily registers the car prior to registration, he or she must present the temporary registration number. 
  • Trade certificate (if applicable).
  • Clearance certificate (in case of imported vehicles).

RTO Fees

The table below contains the list of Regional Transport Office fees for several vehicle-related services:

Types of Service


Motorcycle Registration

Rs. 300

Imported motorcycle registration

Rs. 2500

Heavy passenger motor vehicle registration

Rs. 1500

Medium passenger motor vehicle registration

Rs. 1000

Imported motor vehicle registration

Rs. 5000

Issuance of Learner License

Rs. 150

Issuance of Permanent Driving License


Renewal of Vehicle Fitness Certificate


The fees listed above might be subject to change and can vary depending on the states and regions. It is advisable to refer to the official RTO website to get the latest RTO charges and fees.

RTO Forms

Regional Transport Office forms are documents used for various vehicle-related transactions and purposes in India. These forms are provided by the Regional Transport Office, which is responsible for vehicle registration and other regulatory activities. They serve various functions, including vehicle registration, renewal of licenses, address changes, vehicle transfers, and more. The specific forms and requirements may vary from one state or region to another in India.

Types of RTO forms

RTO forms are used for various purposes related to vehicle registration, licensing, permits, and other services. Here are a few common forms and their explanations:

  • Form 1: This is an Application-cum-Declaration for Physical Fitness (to obtain a learner's license). This form is used when applying for a learner's license, which allows individuals to learn how to drive under supervision.
  • Form 2: Application for the Grant of Learner's License (for learning to drive motor vehicles) - This form is used to apply for a learner's license, indicating the type of vehicle the applicant wants to learn to drive.
  • Form 4: Application for a Permanent Driving License - Used to apply for a permanent driving license after holding a learner's license for a specific duration and passing the driving test.
  • Form 9: Application for the Renewal of Driving License - This form is used to renew an expired driving license.
  • Form 16: Application for Grant/Renewal of Trade Certificate - Used by individuals or entities involved in the business of buying, selling, or repairing motor vehicles.
  • Form 20: Application for Registration of a Motor Vehicle - Used for registering a new motor vehicle.
  • Form 21: Application for Transfer of Ownership of a Motor Vehicle - Used when transferring ownership of a vehicle from one person to another.
  • Form 28: Application for No Objection Certificate (NOC) - This form is used when you want to move your vehicle from one state to another.
  • Form 29 and 30: Form 29 is the Notice of Transfer of Ownership of a Motor Vehicle, which is required during the sale or transfer of a vehicle. While Form 30 is used to report the transfer of ownership.
  • Form 34: Application for the Hypothecation/Lease of Motor Vehicle - Used to declare a financial interest in a vehicle (such as a loan or lease).
  • Form 35: It is used during the termination of vehicle hypothecation. Form 35 of RTO is required when a vehicle owner wants to remove the hypothecation from their vehicle registration certificate (RC) after repaying the loan taken against it
  • Form 49: Intimation of Change of Address to be Recorded in the Certificate of Registration - Used to inform the RTO about a change of address.

RTO Contact Details

For any query related to the services offered by Regional Transport Office, customers can reach out through the RTO website or toll-free number listed below:

RTO Official Website

RTO Toll-free Number

RTO Helpdesk Email IDs

RTO Working Hours



6:00 AM - 10:00 PM

List of RTOs in India

There are 36 state Regional Transport Offices in India that regulate and enforce the motor vehicle rules to ensure road safety as per the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988.

State/ UT

State-wise RTOs

RTO Acronyms

Andhra Pradesh

RTO Andhra Pradesh


Arunachal Pradesh

RTO Arunachal Pradesh



RTO Assam



RTO Bihar



RTO Chhattisgarh






RTO Gujarat



RTO Haryana


Himachal Pradesh

RTO Himachal Pradesh


Jammu and Kashmir

RTO Jammu and Kashmir



RTO Jharkhand



RTO Karnataka



RTO Kerala


Madhya Pradesh

RTO Madhya Pradesh



RTO Maharashtra



RTO Manipur



RTO Meghalaya



RTO Mizoram



RTO Nagaland



RTO Odisha



RTO Punjab



RTO Rajasthan



RTO Sikkim


Tamil Nadu

RTO Tamil Nadu



RTO Tripura



RTO Uttarakhand


Uttar Pradesh

RTO Uttar Pradesh


West Bengal

RTO West Bengal


Tamil Nadu

RTO Tamil Nadu



RTO Tripura


Andaman and Nicobar Islands

RTO Andaman and Nicobar Islands



RTO Chandigarh


Dadra and Nagar Haveli

RTO Dadra and Nagar Haveli


Daman and Diu

RTO Daman and Diu



RTO Delhi



RTO Lakshadweep



RTO Pondicherry



RTO Telangana



RTO Ladakh


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