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Escorts Mutual Funds are currently owned by the Quant Group in the form of the Quant Capital Trustee Ltd. Hence, as an entity, Escorts Asset Management Ltd does not exist. The new management has renamed the Mutual Fund business as Quant Money Managers Ltd. The handover took place in early 2018. However, most people are still familiar with the old name- Escorts Mutual Funds- and they focus on their plans even though the management pattern has shifted.

The familiarity based on the old association of the Escorts Group and the Indian Mutual Fund market. Escorts Mutual Fund is one of the country’s oldest players in this segment and has been in operations since 1996. The company was owned by the Escorts Investment Trust Ltd. and was registered in the same year.

A Deed of Trust which was issued on 15 April 1996 had set up the Mutual Fund major.

Escorts MF was one of the first major players in the sector to offer a wide range of Mutual Fund based investment schemes. It still maintains several high-performing assets in its portfolio and indulges in the debt equity market very frequently.

One of the reasons why Escorts Mutual Funds are ranked so highly is its parent company- Escorts Group. Escorts Limited is the flagship company of the group and is one of the largest players in the automobile industry. It had a major partnership with the Mahindra Group too.

The Escorts Group was one of India’s largest industrial establishments in post-independence India. It has a significant presence in Agribusiness, Construction, Railway Engineering, Financial and Consultancy services and Information Technology.

Escorts Mutual Funds offers several different types of Funds and Bonds designed to suit all sorts of budgets and risk appetites.

Previously, the Mutual Fund business was managed by the Escorts Asset Management Private Limited. After the transfer of management, the ownership has changed hands. It is now being run by the Quant Capital Trustee Ltd.

Over the many years of its operations, the Escorts Asset Management Company has managed to acquire a significant corpus of funds. As of 2019, the total Assets Under Management stands roughly at Rs 294.90 Crore with over 60 active plans. All of their plans have now been renamed after the transfer of ownership.

Instead, they are now known as Quant Mutual Funds.

All their plans are currently available online instead of Escorts Mutual Funds online. You can also invest in them using our platform, Groww.

All Mutual Funds offered by Quant are sponsored by the Quant Capital Finance and Investments Private Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Quant Group. Given the advantage that Escorts Mutual Funds already had in the domestic market, Quant MF remains one of the most sought-after investment options.

The fund managers have spread out their investments over a lot of businesses. It is one of the few Mutual Fund houses in India which has an interest in Aggressive Hybrid Funds and Long Duration Funds at the same time. Besides, there is a clutch of Gilt Funds too.

Top Performing Escorts Mutual Funds

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Key information

Mutual fundEscorts Mutual Fund (now Quant Mutual Fund)
Founded15 April, 1996
IncorporatedDecember 1, 1995
SponsorsQuant Capital Finance & Investments Private Limited
TrusteeQuant Capital Trustee Limited
Investor Service OfficerShivin Kumar
Compliance OfficerDrishti Shah
CustodiansHDFC Bank Limited

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How can you invest in Escorts Mutual Funds?

Escorts Mutual Funds online are one of the most popular Mutual Funds in the entire country. You can now avail them via our one-stop Mutual Fund portal- Groww. The documentation needed is very basic and it takes very little time to sign up and start investing. Here are the steps you need to keep in mind.

Step 1: Log in to your personal account on Groww by putting in your registered user ID and password. In case you are not yet a member of Groww, you can sign up for a new account any time you wish.

Step 2: You must now provide a copy of your identification. You can upload any of the following documents- PAN, Aadhaar, a valid Driver’s Licence, Passport, any Identification issued by the competent authorities from the State or Central Governments, or a Voter ID Card.

Step 3: This step is intended to confirm your residence. You must provide a copy of any document which mentions your permanent residence. Not all documents are acceptable as proof of residence. Applicable documents in this segment are passport, Voter ID card, etc.

Step 4: Once the documentation process is successfully completed, you must choose from a wide variety of risk options. Most Mutual Fund houses have Low, Medium and High risk funds. Depending on the amount you are investing and your appetite for risk, you can choose a High Risk Fund which has superior returns but relies on markets for cues. Low Risk schemes do not rely overtly on market forces and fluctuations.

Step 5: Select the tenure of the Escorts Mutual Funds online. Tenures have a heavy bearing on the returns from a Mutual Fund.

Step 6: If you are looking forward to invest only once but with a considerable sum, choose the “Invest One Time” option. Else, if you plan to start a Systematic Investment Plan, choose the “Start SIP” option.

It generally takes 2-3 business days for the results to reflect in the Groww account you hold. It is advisable to visit your account as many times as possible.

Top Fund Managers

Mr. Sanjeev Sharma

Mr. Sharma is one of the most seminal figures in the annals of the Indian banking and Mutual Funds industry. He is currently the Fund Manager of Equity at Escorts Mutual Fund.

He has over 2 decades of experience in equity markets, wealth and asset management services, fixed income products, corporate banking, He is also a noted expert in Financial Risk and Risk Management.

He has had an 11-year long association with Quant Mutual Fund. He is an alumnus of Symbiosis Institute of Pune and is a Post Graduate in Management Studies. He has advanced degrees in Forex management and Risk Mitigation from the London Academy of Professional Education.

2. Ms Drishti Shah

Ms Shah is currently the Chief Compliance manager of the Asset Management company behind Quant Mutual Fund and has been with the firm for 2 years.

She has previously worked with the SEBI and is a full-time member of ICSI. She is a Graduate in Commerce and is also a certified lawyer.

3. Mr. Harshal Patel

Mr. Patel is currently the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of the Escorts Mutual Fund house. He is a member of the ICAI and is a Graduate in Commerce. Mr. Patel has several years of experience in taxation, accounts, risk mitigation, asset management and corporate banking. Mr. Patel is also one of the brightest Chartered Accountants of his generation as described by his colleagues and partners.

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