RTO Form 26 for Duplicate RC

There are circumstances where the original vehicle RC can be misplaced, lost, or even damaged. In these situations, the individual can get a duplicate RC book by applying with the duplicate RC book form or RTO Form 26. The form can be obtained from the regional transport office (RTO) in your area.

This post covers information on how to fill out and download Form 26 for duplicate RC, documents required and things to consider while filling out the form.

What is RTO Form 26?

RTO form 26 is an application form used to apply for a duplicate certificate of registration for a motor vehicle in India. When the owner of a vehicle requires a duplicate of the vehicle RC (Registration Certificate), then he or she needs to submit RTO form 26 to his or her registering authority. Generally, the vehicle owner needs to submit RTO form 29 when the original RC is lost, destroyed, written off, soiled, torn, or mutilated. Here, you can learn complete details on how to fill RTO form 26 for duplicate RC.

RTO Form 26 Download Process

You can easily download the application through the official mParivahan portal. Or you can click on the link below to find the RTO Form 26 PDF.

RTO Form 26 Download PDF

How to Fill RTO Form 26?

The first section of RTO form 26 deals with the causes of the original registration certificate's loss, the second section is a 'No Objection Certificate' from the Financier on the granting of a duplicate certificate, and the third section is Office Endorsement.

  1. In the upper left-hand corner of RTO form 26, mention the address of the RTO authority where you will request a duplicate registration certificate.
  2. Enter the registration number of your vehicle below the name of the RTO authority, and briefly describe the events that resulted in the document's loss, destruction, tear, or mutilation. Remove any options that aren't relevant to your situation.
  3. The owner of the vehicle verifies that the previous registration number has not been suspended or cancelled by the government following notification of the loss. He also asserts that, to the best of his knowledge, the cause of the document's misplacement is correct.
  4. You must provide your previous registration certificate with your new registration certificate application if it has been written off, damaged, soiled, or mutilated. The applicant also specifies if the vehicle is currently subject to a Hire-purchase, Lease, or Hypothecation agreement, as well as whether it is free of encumbrances.
  5. The date the vehicle owner filed a police report about the theft is recorded. He includes a copy of the complaint to back up his claim.
  6. Attach your signature and the date you submitted the form below this line. If the candidate is unable to sign, a thumb impression can be used instead.
  7. If the vehicle is under a Hire-purchase, Lease, or Hypothecation agreement, the Financier issues a "No Objection Certificate." The representative of the corporation also signs the signature, date, and address of the vehicle's registered owner.
  8. If, on the other hand, the Financier is unhappy with the application for a duplicate registration certificate, he should explain this clearly, along with the reason for their dissatisfaction with the procedure. In addition, the Financier must sign and date the "No Objection Certificate" that comes with Form 26.
  9. Following the "No Objection Certificate," there is a section for office endorsements. It contains the signature of the Registering Authority, as well as the reference number, address, and date of issuing a duplicate Registration Certificate. The RTO sends it to the Financier and the Registering Authority simultaneously by Registered Post, with an acknowledgement of receipt.
  10. Enters the names of the Financier and the registering authority, as well as the signatures of the Financier and the registered owner.

Things to Consider Before Applying with Duplicate RC Form

  • Before filling out Form 26, applicants must register an FIR at the nearby police station. They must provide a concise description of the incident that resulted in the loss of the original Registration Certificate.
  • If your vehicle is subject to a Hire-purchase, Lease, or Hypothecation agreement, you must complete the form twice.
  • If the Original Registering Authority is different, you must duplicate the form as well as obtain the Registering Authority's endorsement.
  • The RTO sends duplicate and triplicate copies of the form via Registered Post to the Financier and the registering authority, with acknowledgement due condition.
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