Duplicate RC (Duplicate Registration Certificate)

A duplicate RC, also known as a duplicate registration certificate, is an official document issued by the Regional Transport Office (RTO) that serves as a replacement for a lost, damaged, or destroyed vehicle registration certificate (RC). The RC is an essential document for all vehicle owners, as it provides proof of ownership and registration of the vehicle.

It contains essential information related to the vehicle registration, such as the registration number, chassis number, engine number, owner's information, and other relevant details.

This page covers information on how to generate a duplicate vehicle RC, the download process and fees.

When is a Duplicate RC Required?

An RC Duplicate acts as a replacement for the original vehicle registration certificate and has the same legal standing. It is important to apply for a duplicate vehicle RC to ensure legal compliance and to have the necessary papers for the car.

A duplicate Registration Certificate is required in any of the following situations:

  • Lost RC: If you have lost your original RC, you must apply for a duplicate copy immediately to avoid any legal penalties.
  • Damaged RC: If your RC is damaged or torn to the extent that the information is no longer legible, you must apply for a duplicate registration certificate.
  • Destroyed RC: If your RC has been destroyed due to fire, water damage, or other causes, you must apply for a duplicate vehicle RC.

Documents Required for Duplicate RC Book

In order to apply for a duplicate RC book online or offline, individuals must submit the following documents:

  • Form 26.
  • The vehicle's owner's PAN card, Form 60, or Form 61.
  • A copy of the complaint lodged at the local police station (in case of lost RC)
  • A printed version of the engine pencil and chassis.
  • Affidavit copy declaring that the original RC has been misplaced.
  • Pollution Under Control certificate.
  • A valid vehicle insurance certificate. 
  • Additional documents, such as a tax clearance certificate and a clearing challan from the Enforcement Traffic Wing, are required for commercial vehicles.
  • Address Proof of the vehicle owner.
  • Owner's signature.

Application Process for Duplicate RC

One can apply for a duplicate vehicle registration certificate online through the Parivahan website or generate it offline by visiting the Regional Transport Office. Given below is a step-by-step procedure on how to generate duplicate RC online and offline.

Steps to Apply for Duplicate RC Book Online 

You can get the duplicate registration certificate online through the following steps:

Step 1: Visit the Parivahan Sewa website.

Step 2: On the home page, select "online services" and then select the "Vehicle Related Services" option. This will direct you to the next page, where you can select your state of residence.

Step 3: Select "issue of duplicate RC" in the next window. You will be required to submit your vehicle's registration and chassis numbers. 

Step 4: Upload the scanned copies of the specified documents, such as a copy of the FIR (in the case of a lost or stolen RC), PAN Card, and other relevant documents.

Step 5: Pay the required fee online.

Step 6: Examine all the information, including any attachments. Click the "Submit" option to complete your application process.

Step 7: You will receive a confirmation message with an application number to check the progress of your duplicate RC application. 

Once the application is approved, you can visit the Parivahan website for the Duplicate RC download.

Steps to Apply for Duplicate Vehicle RC Offline 

You can get the duplicate registration certificate offline through the following steps:

  • Visit the RTO office in your area.
  • Fill out Form 26 and submit it along with the required documents.
  • In case of a lost or stolen vehicle RC, one needs to file an FIR at the nearest police station and submit a copy at the RTO.
  • Pay the applicable fee required for a duplicate registration certificate. 
  • Once the documents are verified, you will receive an acknowledgement receipt.
  • The RTO will process your application. You will be informed when the duplicate RC is ready for collection.

Duplicate RC Fees

The application fee for a duplicate registration certificate has been provided in the table below:

Duplicate RC Application Fee

Vehicle Type

Amt (Rs.)





Light Motor Vehicle


Medium Motor Vehicle


Heavy Motor Vehicle


Imported Two-Wheeler


Imported Four-Wheeler


Note: The above-given values might vary depending on the state or city. It is advised to contact the nearest RTO centre to get the accurate details.

Benefits of Duplicate RC Book

A Duplicate Registration Certificate (RC) is an important document and has the following benefits:

  • If the original RC book is lost or misplaced, an RC duplicate can be used as proof of vehicle ownership.
  • It can be used during vehicle ownership transfer as the duplicate RC book is given to the new owner as proof when a vehicle is sold.
  • Obtain insurance for your vehicle.
  • Obtain a fitness certificate for your vehicle.
  • Avoid penalties for driving without a valid RC.
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