Chassis Number

The factors that are looked for in a car are design, engine capacity, colour, and several other major features. In the factor of a car purchase, the chassis number and the vehicle identification number would not seem to be relevant. But, they play a crucial attribute because it states whether the dealer is selling the car of the stated year. Although it is challenging to identify these numbers, they are an important factor in car purchases.

What is a Chassis Number?

The Vehicle Identification Number or VIN, engine number, and chassis number serve as unique identification numbers for your vehicle and are thought to constitute its DNA. A VIN is a 17-character alphanumeric identifier that tells you the year and month your car was manufactured. The chassis number is the final six digits of your VIN number. Every car in the world is required to have a VIN. The VIN and chassis number are essential for avoiding fraud, especially when acquiring a used vehicle.

How to Find VIN Number on Car?

The following ways are the steps on how to get the VIN number of the car -

a) Through the Registration Certificate

When you purchase an automobile, the dealer registers it with the local Regional Transport Office (RTO). The RTO stamps the Car Chassis Number on your vehicle's Registration Certificate (RC). The information is on the smart card, along with other vehicle details.

Decoding Vehicle Registration Number

  • The first part of the number indicates the Union Territory, and it is denoted with two letters. For instance, DL will denote Delhi, and KA will denote Karnataka.
  • The next two digits will state the district's sequential number. 
  • The third part of the license plate will be a unique number that assists in identifying the vehicle. 
  • The fourth and final part of the registration number is an oval logo that would read IND; it stands for India. This oval will also have a chromium hologram on the top of it, which will resemble a Chakra.

b) Through the Car Door

The chassis number is frequently printed on the driver's side door. It is printed on a metal strip situated on the car's B-pillar. When the driver's side door is opened, this is visible.

c) Through the Dash

Certain car manufacturers print the vehicle identification number (VIN) on the dashboard, which is normally seen on the driver's side. Please keep in mind that not all manufacturers offer this option.

d) Through the Boot

The car's chassis number may be found under the spare wheel in the boot. When you lift the spare wheel, you can see the vehicle's VIN or chassis number.

e) Through the Hood

The vehicle identification number (VIN) can be found under the hood of the vehicle, next to the engine.

f) Through the Dealership

You can also go to or call the car dealership where you acquired the vehicle. They will be able to trace the vehicle's chassis number or VIN.

g) Through the Rear Wheel

Some car manufacturers publish the chassis number above the rear wheel. However, it may be difficult to find.

h) Through the Front Grille

Some manufacturers or car models have the chassis number or VIN printed beneath the vehicle's front grille. This is not always the case.

i) Through the Insurance Policy

Since your automobile is insured, you may find the VIN on the car insurance policy document. When you insure or renew your automobile insurance with a modern digital insurer, your policy paperwork is sent to your email address. So, look through your email inbox for the policy paperwork with the car's chassis number.

Contents of VIN

Each of these 17 digits represents crucial information about your vehicle. The following information is provided for each of these VINs:

  • First digit: Information about where the car was made.
  • Second and third digits: Manufacturer information.
  • Fourth to eighth digits: Information on the car's brand, engine type, engine capacity, and fuel type.
  • Ninth Digit: The ninth digit is a security code issued by the vehicle's manufacturer.
  • The tenth digit represents the year the car was manufactured.
  • Eleventh Digit: The model's manufacturing plant.
  • Six remaining digits: The car's unique serial number.

How to Find the Engine Chassis Number?

You can find the Engine Chassis Number through the steps that are mentioned below:

Step 1: Go to the Vahan NR e-Services official website. "Know Your Vehicle Details" should be selected.

Step 2: Sign in using your registered mobile phone number. If you haven't already, sign up with your phone number and email address.

Step 3: Enter your vehicle's information and the captcha. "Search Vehicle" should be selected.

You can now see the following information -

  • Engine identification number
  • Fuel kind.
  • The owner's name
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