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Fixed Deposits on Groww
High-interest rate tenures from reputed partners are collected for you.
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We have tenures with the highest interest rates in the market
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There is no hassle of opening a new savings account
100% secure
Bank FDs are insured upto ₹5 lakhs by RBI
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Mulitple banks at your disposal to choose FDs
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Equitas Bank
Axis Bank
Bajaj Finance Ltd.

Frequenty Asked Questions

What is FD?
What is the minimum deposit required to open an FD account?
What are the benefits of investing in FDs?
Can I withdraw money from my FD account before maturity?
Can I get a loan against FD?
When can I get the interest on my principal amount?
How long does it take to activate an FD account on Groww?
Coming to app soon.
Fixed Deposit will be available on the Groww app soon.
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