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Dynamic mutual funds as the name suggests are dynamic in the asset allocation strategy of their portfolio. The best dynamic mutual funds rapidly change the asset classes in the portfolio based on the changing market conditions. Dynamic mutual funds allow the fund house to adjust the positions by reducing the worst-performing asset class and increasing the ones performing better.

Best dynamic mutual funds in India strive to achieve 65% asset allocation of the total capital in equity and equity-oriented securities while the rest is invested in debt and money market instruments.

Dynamic mutual funds also comprise of dynamic bond funds that invest in bonds across composition and maturity profile. The fund managers trade the instruments based on different maturity profiles and the anticipated changes in rates. The best performing dynamic bond funds allow investors to earn returns based on changing interest-rate movements.

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Top 10 Dynamic Mutual Funds

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Features of Dynamic Mutual Fund

The best dynamic funds are a perfect investment for anyone seeking to earn returns from changing market conditions. Since these funds alter between different asset classes, investors can expect comparatively stable returns. Best dynamic mutual funds in India are also suitable for investors who might not want to keep track of their investments over the long-term.

The best dynamic mutual fund in India are widely considered to be funds with absolute returns that are less volatile and allow for long-term wealth creation. Investors looking to capitalize on their finances without having to worry about the entry and exit can opt for these investments.


The dynamic mutual funds invest across asset classes based on the changing market conditions. However, dynamic mutual funds in India ensure 65% capital exposure in equity & equity-related securities, whereas the rest could be invested in debt instruments.

So, dynamic mutual funds receive the same tax-treatment as equity mutual fund. If the funds are held for a period of less than one year, a short-term capital gain tax of 15% will be levied. If the funds are sold after a year from the date of purchase, a long-term capital gain tax of 10% on gains exceeding Rs. 1 lakh will be applicable.

Although it is wise to consult tax advisors before making any kind of investment decision, due to the specificity of individual tax implications, it must be noted that if the median exposure is less than 65 per cent, the treatment and calculation of tax is just like that of debt funds, and the dividends and bonuses are tax free. The tax-treatment for the dynamic bond fund will also be similar to that of the debt funds.

Major Advantages

Dynamic mutual funds deliver stellar performance by ensuring that the portfolio is exposed to the asset class that is performing well as per the market conditions. The auto-allocation of the fund ensures that investors do not panic during negative market conditions and exit based on impulsive decisions. These allow you to earn returns that are higher than the benchmark index.

Dyamic funds reduce the exposure in equity when the market valuations are high, and strategically alter the equity exposure. Dynamic mutual funds can also be used for diversification of the portfolio. However, it is worth noting that traditionally, hybrid mutual funds are considered as a better alternative for diversification.

On the downside, dynamic mutual funds will rely on the expertise of the fund manager to make crucial decisions based on the changing market conditions. However, over a long-term investment horizon, dynamic mutual funds can generate more consistent returns without regular volatility.

Keeping the historical performance in mind ( past 5 years). Here are the top dynamic mutual funds in India , 2019, that you can consider investing in. Please note, the fund chosen are totally based on the past performance and we do not recommend any particular fund to invest in. Don’t forget to assess your risk profile and investment objectives before investing.

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