Insurance Policy Number - How to Find it?

The insurance policy is one of the most crucial and essential documents for a vehicle. Having your car/bike insured protects you from any unexpected financial liabilities. The legislation requires every four-wheeler and two-wheeler to be insured with at least third-party insurance and that it be legitimate. 

As a policyholder, you must carefully remember your unique automobile insurance number because you may be required to provide it for insurance verification at various times.

What is Insurance Policy Number?

When you purchase a new auto insurance policy, you will be given a 'policy number,' which serves as a unique identifier and connects you to your insurance policy. Insurance firms utilize this unique vehicle insurance policy number to track and record all plan transactions. 

When you first purchase the policy, your unique auto insurance policy number will be printed on your insurance documentation. However, if you lose or misplace your insurance papers, there are a few ways to locate your vehicle insurance policy number.

How to find Insurance Policy Number?

Whether you've forgotten your auto insurance policy number or misplaced the document, you can discover it and see if it's still valid. You can also look for the insurance company's information, as well as the policy's renewal date and other coverage data. Here are various methods for checking your vehicle insurance policy number:

a) Check Insurance Policy Number Offline

To learn more about your car insurance, speak with an insurance agent or go to the insurer's branch. The insurance department or agent can check and obtain your car's insurance policy number. This is a classic method of locating the policy number; however, most insurance firms are using the internet to make their products more available to customers and to have an online presence to cater to various needs.

b) Insurance Policy Number Search Online

To obtain the information, go to the website of your insurance provider and log in to your account. To view the car insurance policy document, you may require information such as the vehicle's registration number, registered cellphone number, or email address. With the advent of smartphones, you may access your account from anywhere by downloading the insurer's mobile app. You can also check your email inbox to find and look for the policy document that the insurance company may have sent.

c) Insurance Policy Number through Bureau

The Insurance Information Bureau (IIB) keeps a digitized database of automobile insurance and vehicle information in India. You can get the vehicle insurance policy number by logging into their web page. In addition, if you are involved in an accident with a third party, you can verify the status of the other person's insurance policy. This can be obtained through VAHAN, a Transport Ministry web portal where you can check the insurance's validity.

d) Insurance Policy Number through Provider

To obtain policy information, contact your insurance company or send an email to the appropriate department. Most insurers use a customer support team to assist with such inquiries. To access your insurance and obtain the policy number, you may be required to give some details.

e) Insurance Policy Number through VAHAN

The VAHAN website is a platform with a vehicle database. Via the registration number, you may verify the engine details, chassis number, owner details, and insurance status of a specific vehicle. While this does not disclose the policy number, it is useful for checking the legality of the insurance in the event that you wish to buy a used car.

Importance of the Insurance Policy Number

Here are some of the ways that information from a car insurance policy is used for various purposes:

  • Filing for Insurance Claim: When you file an insurance claim with your provider, the insurer will want your auto insurance policy number as well as other documentation to verify the validity of your policy.
  • Renewal: When you begin the process of renewing your car insurance policy, your insurance provider will require you to supply your automobile policy number as well as other insurance details.
  • Transferring Your Insurance Policy: If you want to transfer your automobile insurance policy from one provider to another, you must supply the new insurance company with your car insurance policy number.
  • Duplicate Car Insurance Policy: If you have misplaced your original vehicle insurance policy documents and want a duplicate copy, you must supply the insurer with the car insurance policy number.
  • For Police Verification: On occasion, traffic officers may stop you while on patrol and request to view your insurance information and other papers. Furthermore, if you file an FIR with the police after an accident, the first thing they will ask for is your insurance policy number to see if you have active insurance.
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