What is CC in Bikes?

CC full form in a bike is Cylinder capacity, or the cubic centimetres capacity of the combustion cylinder. It is a component of the engine whose primary function is to deliver power to the driver. A bike with greater CC will have a larger cylinder that can consume more air and gasoline.

This natural process will help in the burning of more gasoline every stroke, resulting in increased power and torque. Following the technique, the engine completes one cycle after all of the cylinders' combined Capacity, which is commonly referred to as engine capacity.

CC Meaning in Bike Performance

Various Engine outputs such as power, torque, and mpg are computed using engine capacity. If the engine is in a higher position, it will have more space inside the cylinder. The volume of fuel and air within the air is always proportionate.

As the amount of fuel burning inside the tank increases, so will the power output. Alternatively, the amount of production is proportional to the amount of gasoline consumed and the engine capacity, but a rise in fuel consumption also results in a drop in mileage. 

What is CC in Bike Mechanical Power?

Big bore engines come with broader diameter pistons which help in moving up and down at a higher speed, which leads to higher rpm because it has to travel less distance, so it makes better power at higher rpm as compared to torque. But when it comes to long-stroke engines where the piston is narrow as compared to big bores, it travels more towards one direction vertically, which helps in producing higher torque at lower rpm.

Large bore engines have larger diameter pistons that move up and down at a faster rate, resulting in greater rpm since it needs to travel less distance, and it produces more power at higher rpm when compared to torque. Yet, with long-stroke engines, where the piston is narrower than in big bores, it travels more vertically in one direction, resulting in increased torque at lower rpm.

How Does CC in Bikes Affect Insurance?

Your bike's insurance rate will be determined by a range of factors - one of which is its CC. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Department of India has established a set of third-party motorbike insurance prices based on cubic Capacity.

Bikes with smaller engine capacities create less power, making the premium for such bikes more affordable. Check out the table below to see how much third-party bike insurance costs for various cubic capacities:

CC (CC full form in bike-cylinder capacity)


More than 350






75 and below


Impact of CC on Cost

The price of the bike you want to buy is proportional to its cubic Capacity. Because a greater cc also indicates better performance, some mechanical augmentations would be included.

Superior brake pads, aerodynamics, suspension, exhaust systems, and incredibly durable materials that can survive massive wear and tear when cruising at high speeds would be among the mechanically enhanced components. As a result, if the bike is made from high-priced raw materials, it will inevitably cost more.

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