Difference Between Torque and BHP in Bike

The sale and purchase of bikes depend on various features and parameters. Two such parameters include Torque and BHP. BHP stands for brake horsepower, which is the power of your bike’s engine, which helps accelerate your bike to a higher level. It also impacts the top speed of the bike. Torque, in simple terms, refers to the twisting force of the engine. The higher the torque, the greater the driving force of the engine to carry a heavier load. 

Torque and BHP are two important factors that will help you to compare different bikes for their performance. Hence, understanding the meaning of these two terms and the difference between torque and BHP is important before purchasing. 

This post will help you understand the major difference between Torque and BHP in a bike.

What is Torque in Bike?

Torque, in a bike, is a twisting force, or that is what it refers to. If you have applied a unit of force to the lever, you will be applying torque. It is the amount of force (or twist) that is available at the wheels to propel the bike even further. The bikes that have a lower torque could help to move the bike at a greater speed, while higher torque could enable the bike to have greater loads. 

In the specification and parameters of the bike, the engine would particularly have a torque figure at a chosen RPM. A higher number of torque at a higher RPM would be powerful with higher torque deliverability.

What is BHP in Bikes?

BHP, i.e., the 'Brake HorsePower' has a major role to play when it comes to determining the performance of the bike. Power is known as the energy that is transferred for a unit of volume. The energy that drives the bike is known as the kinetic energy. This energy that has been generated is prevalent in the bike's forward movement and the wheel's rotational movement. There are varied power units, and BHP is one of the units that are most commonly used. 

Therefore, BHP will always depend on various factors, which are weight and generation of power. This is the most common method to rate a bike's speed. 

How is Torque Different from BHP?

Torque will allow you to feel the acceleration sensation when you put your foot down; on the other hand, BHP is the overall speed and power of the bike. However, these two factors are very closely linked. This is because BHP is calculated from torque. 

To understand what is BHP and torque distinctions in detail, refer to the table below:

Torque vs. BHP




a) Definition

Torque is the strength of the engine of the bike.

BHP is the measure that would determine how well the bike could execute that engine's power.

b) The formula that is Used to Calculate 

Torque is calculated with the formula mentioned below:

Torque = Fsinθ*Vertical distance.

BHP is calculated with the formula below:

Brake Horsepower = Torque*RPM

c) Objective

It will indicate the load-bearing capability of the bike.

It will indicate the speed of the bike.

If you are a two-wheeler owner, you should be aware of your selected bike's torque and BHP levels since these affect your vehicle's performance. Compromising the bike's torque and BHP level will reduce performance and render your investment ineffective.

Torque and BHP Significance

The importance and significance of Torque and BHP are listed below:

  • Torque is required for the bike's rotating motion. A bike with more torque allows you to carry more luggage. 
  • A higher BHP means a faster peak speed and improved in-gear acceleration and acceleration from the start.
  • A bike's torque and horsepower ratings help us know the performance of a bike before making a purchase. A powerful bike, such as a sports bike, will allow you to reach higher top speeds. However, bikes with higher torque, like cruiser bikes will allow you to carry more weight.
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