What is Engine Protection Cover in Car Insurance

A normal comprehensive auto insurance coverage only covers repairs to your vehicle in the event of an accident. Unfortunately, the resultant Engine damage is not covered. But these can be covered if you add Engine Protection Insurance to your policy.

Engine Protection Add on in Car Insurance Cover

Engine protection cover is an optional benefit on car insurance that may be added to a comprehensive policy. It is used to protect the engine of the covered vehicle from any damage or loss of parts or the engine as a whole. As a result, it is an efficient compensation to the repairing or replacing the car engine or its components.

Of course, the perks are accessible for an additional fee. Yet, it is well worth the cost. It will provide financial support in the event damage to your car engine owing to lubricant oil leakage, water ingression, and so on. The add-on cover also protects the car engine parts, such as the crankshaft, gearbox, pistons, and so on, from harm.

Importance of the Engine Protection in Car Insurance

The car engine is incredibly expensive; thus, repairing it is very expensive. Furthermore, it can result in costly material and labor expenditures, which may be difficult to finance by self in the event of an unexpected disaster. Engine protection is so necessary because the engine is the most crucial component responsible for the overall operation of the vehicle.

Also, engine protection is not included as a provision of car insurance policies in India. It is only available as an add-on benefit with comprehensive car insurance, not as a standalone policy. It should be noted that this engine protection cover is not available for vehicles older than five years old.

What does Engine Protection Cover?

The Engine Protect cover provides insurance coverage in the following situations:

  • Water ingression caused damage to engine components.
  • Damage to the engine and its components caused by lubricating oil leaks.
  • Physical damage to differential parts or the gearbox.
  • Engine failure as a result of attempting to start a damp engine.

What is Not Included in the Car Engine Coverage?

Although the engine protect add-on cover is quite useful during the rainy season, it is vital to know that it has some limitations. Here are a few examples:

  • In general, most insurance companies provide engine protection add-on coverage for cars that are less than five years old.
  • A policy buyer cannot make more than two claims in a single policy year under engine protection add-on cover.
  • If your covered car is damaged in a post-accident occurrence, such as an oil leak, your insurance company is unlikely to compensate for engine repair.
  • In the event that your covered car sustains damage as a result of being started while drowning in water, your insurance provider will not pay any claims. This is because repeatedly activating the ignition will cause harm to your car's engine, and any such act will be considered deliberate.

How to Get Engine Cover in Insurance?

Together with comprehensive auto insurance, you can purchase car engine protection as an add-on. This is optional coverage that is not included in the regular comprehensive policy. The following are the steps to purchase Engine Protect Cover as an added benefit via the online method:

Step 1: Go to the website or mobile app of the vehicle insurance company.

Step 2: Choose whether to purchase or renew comprehensive auto insurance.

Step 3: If you are prompted to include add-ons such as Engine Protection, do so.

Step 4: Pay the premium amount and receive your policy by email immediately.

Advantages of the Engine Coverage

Engine Protect Add-on Cover is the most important add-on protection provided by the policyholder's car insurance carrier. The following are some of the extra-coverage benefits:

  • Provides Financial Assistance: If you have a conventional auto insurance policy, it will not help you if your car engine is destroyed. But, if you acquire engine protection add-on cover, the insurance company will pay the costs of repairing engine damage or replacing engine parts.
  • Coverage for the Most Expensive Vehicle Part: The engine is regarded to be the most expensive component of an automobile, and replacing or repairing it can be extremely expensive. But, with an engine protection cover, you can leave all concerns about the expense of engine repair and replacement to your insurance provider.
  • Ensures Long Life of Your Car: The engine is believed to be the most important component of the car. As a result, keeping your car's engine in good condition is critical to ensuring optimum performance and long life for your vehicle. If you do not get your car's broken engine repaired on time due to financial constraints, it may result in the car not running at all. Nevertheless, with engine protection coverage, the insurance provider will pay for the repair of your damaged engine as well as ensure that it continues to perform properly in the future.

Who Should Get the Engine Protection Coverage?

An engine protection add-on is a supplement to your standard comprehensive car insurance policy. Because it is a unique cover, here are a few reasons why you should purchase the add-on cover:

  • If you reside or work in a flood-prone location, there is a risk of flooding.
  • If you acquired a new automobile or a high-priced luxury vehicle, the engine components are costly to fix or replace.
  • The engine protection cover adds an extra layer to the normal car insurance policy if you want to prevent financial risks and not take chances.
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