Groww is happy to introduce another method via which investors can automate their SIPs in a hassle free manner. The Auto-pay via Form (previously known as OTM) is a one time process to setup a mandate, to enable recurring payments through a NACH form. This process is suitable for investors who, for some reason, do not have access to net banking facilities or simply wish to go this route. It involves the following steps:

Auto Pay Initiation Via Form  

Login to your Groww account with your credentials and click on ” Autopay Via Form” at the bottom of the screen.

OTM step 1

Step 2 : You will receive a NACH form on your registered email address as an attachment. Check all the details which are pre-filled in the NACH form. You may see that the maximum amount in the NACH form is 1,00,000. Don`t worry, we never deduct any amount more than your SIP amount . You will be shown  the following screen once the form has been sent to you.

OTM step 2

Look at the mock form to see how it would look like and check the location where your signature is required. Please make sure the sign is the same as provided in your bank documents.

otm 4


Step 3 : Once you receive the form, take a print out , fill all the necessary details and sign at the designated place. The next step involves uploading the document in the correct orientation. You can do so by clicking on the ” Upload Signed Form” button as shown in the previous step. You can either click a picture or upload via gallery from your phone. Before you proceed, make sure the following things are taken care of :-

  • Please upload the entire form. No part of the form should be trimmed or unclear. 
  • Please ensure the form is in correct orientation which is horizontal orientation, cropped at the edges. Once done click on continue.

OTM step 6

You will receive a confirmation screen after the form is uploaded successfully. Depending on your bank it would take 2-3 days for mandate approval. Once the bank approves, you will be notified via sms and email communication on your registered mobile number and email ID respectively. For any queries or follow up questions about the procedure, please write to us at [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you at the earliest.

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Happy Investing!