March 5, 9:30 PM: While I was wrapping up a call, I get a WhatsApp notification.

“Yes Bank Withdrawals Capped At Rs.50,000, RBI Takes Over Board”

It takes a few seconds to register the fact that we use Yes Bank infrastructure for quite a few things. 

A few more minutes and team members have already listed things—5 things to be precise—that need to be taken care of. If not fixed, the next day is going to be a bad day—almost all customer orders will fail, they will not be able to withdraw, no new customer onboarding, etc.

Two more hours and it’s now 11 PM. The team is back in the office. Ready to take this challenge to make sure the next day becomes just another regular day for our investors.

Problem number one: We need another bank to bank on! Enters – the Axis bank team. They were available to support us throughout the night. Typically, working with a bank involves tens of steps, right from approval processes to paperwork. But the team makes sure that we don’t face any blocks.

We also had our other partners who provided splendid support throughout the night, namely BSE and Razorpay. 

Over the next few hours, the team moved back and forth between the whiteboard, phone calls (100s of them) and the code! Everything needs to work smoothly before the morning when orders are punched in. 

One by one, our team solved all the issues while having fun together. 

We also realized a decent amount of money we need the next day is stuck in Yes Bank. Bajaj Finserv and Axis Bank tried hard throughout the night to help us. We also reached out to our investors and families. Another problem solved.

We get into round 2 of problem-solving after breakfast. Whiteboarding, phone calls, and code! 

It has been more than 24 hours now. We had a normal day. Thousands of investors invested millions of rupees. Not even a single order was impacted. 

I keep telling my team – simplicity is very complicated under the hood. While all these complications happened behind the curtain, our investors had yet another day of delightful investing experience!