We started Groww with a mission to make finance simple for people in India. We realize how complicated and opaque financial products are. We know this because we ourselves faced this problem.

We started with Mutual Funds – one of the best products for retail investors. To keep it very simple – we launched with Regular funds. We thought that for smaller amounts, regular funds vs direct funds do not make much of a difference. The amount of commission that one gets is not very high to impact returns of the investors.

But then we saw that investors who started with small amounts started investing a lot more and investment per customer has grown high. Commission starts to impact the returns in the long term.

That is not fair. And not aligned with our principle of being the most customer-focused company in India.

So we launched direct funds. Around 2 months back we started inviting some of our investors to start investing in direct plans.

Now, we are happy to announce that direct funds are accessible to everyone. By default, all funds you search, analyze or purchase on Groww will be direct funds.

And there are no charges.

Stealing a comment by Jeff Bezos from one of his annual letters – We want Groww to be such a good value, you’d be irresponsible not using Groww.

We realize that most of our users do not even understand the difference between regular funds and direct funds. And that is okay. When they do understand, they will know that Groww has always worked and will always work for their benefit. And always in their favor.

So now, all the more reasons to start investing without worrying about commissions. And if you are already investing elsewhere, it is better to switch to Groww.

Groww will be “the” most customer-focused, transparent and simple platform in India.

Happy investing!