If you are an investor with Groww, you’re probably aware of how the investment process takes place.

The main goal of Groww has always been to make user experience delightful and convenient. In pursuit of which, we have launched the much awaited payment method UPI.

You can now make your investment via UPI, by literally just one click!

We have also launched Groww Balance and in this article, we will tell you what Groww Balance is and how it works.

Firstly, Groww Balance is operational on the Groww App, as well as the website.

We will explain three cases in detail:

  • How can you add money to Groww balance?
  • Process of investing through Groww balance?
  • Process of withdrawing money from Groww balance?

What Is Groww Balance?

Groww balance is an internal balance account in which you can store your money and directly pay with the use of that money, instead of making a separate transaction every time.

The process of investing becomes much easier through Groww Balance and you can literally invest through ‘one click’.

How Can You Add Money to Groww Balance?

Step 1
Once you login to Groww, go to your Groww account and tap on ‘You’

Step 2

Tap on ‘Add Money’

Step 3 

Decide the mode of payment. You can either add money through UPI or Net Banking

Step 4

Complete the transaction using UPI or Netbanking (The screenshot below shows UPI)

Step 5 

Once the transaction has been completed, come back to the Groww App and tap on ‘Okay’

You have successfully added money on Groww Balance. You may start investing now!

What Is the Process of Investing Through Groww Balance?

Step 1

Select the fund you want to invest in, we have chosen Smartsave, which is ICICI Prudential Liquid Fund

Step 2

Tap on ‘Start Depositing’ and then tap on either ‘One Time’ (lumpsum) or ‘Monthly SIP’. We have chosen lumpsum.

Step 3

Choose the amount you want to invest

Step 4

Tap on ‘Confirm’. Below you will be able to see the amount on your ‘Groww Balance’ Account

Done! Your order has been confirmed through one click!
Convenient, isn’t it?

 How Can You Withdraw Money From Groww Balance?

Step 1

Tap on ‘You’ and then tap on your ‘Groww balance’

Step 2

Tap on ‘Withdraw’

Step 3

Enter the amount you want to withdraw and tap on ‘Withdraw’And done! The withdrawn money will be credited to your account instantly.

Note: If the amount is more than 25,000 then it will process along with the bank working hours.

The Groww Customer Care Team will get back to you within 24 hours! You can also request a callback from the Groww Customer Care Number, if you wish to speak with our team.

You can also leave a review about Groww on Google Playstore or our social media.

Till then,

Happy Investing!

We hope your balance growws.

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