Can you suggest me some good funds for 1 year?

Pijush Kanti Biswas

1 year is very short period for investing in any instrument. You should think of investing for at least 3-5 years for getting decent returns on your investment.

As, Investment is a trade-off of between your risk appetite and returns on investment, consider following funds for 1-year period.

1. Low Risk-less return investment goal: Debt funds are best option.

These are the popular debt fund to invest in:

2. Moderate Risk-Moderate return investment goal: Large cap funds or Hybrids funds are best option.

These are the popular large cap fund and hybrid fund fund to invest in:

3. High Risk-High return investment goal: Small cap funds are best option.

These are the popular small cap fund to invest in:

So, debt funds or hybrid funds are best suited for investors with surplus amount of money lying idle with them and interested in earning better returns than normal saving accounts or bank FDs with relatively low risk appetite. Debt Funds can may give you a modest return of 7-10%, which is better than returns from Fixed Deposits. In a Balanced Fund, a return of 12-16% can be expected.

Happy Investing!

Mridul Agrawal

Investment in a particular fund is primarily a function of the return and risk appetite of the investor, which in turn is governed by the investment objective of the investor.

From an investment horizon of 1 year, debt funds are most preferable. Usually, debt funds are suggested as short to medium term investment options. Debt funds are the types of mutual funds which invest capital of investors in bonds and deposits of various kinds and pass on the interest earned in the form of returns to the investors. In simple terms, investors lend money and earn interest (returns) on the money they have lent. It is expected that debt funds can provide a return of around 8-10% per annum. 

Debt funds can be of various types.

Moreover, an investor may invest, among other funds, in Debt oriented Balanced funds as well.


According to experts, 1 year is considered to be a very short term for investments. Preferably investments for atleast 3 years should be made in order to get proper returns. Depending on the risk appetite of the investor, investments should be made in: 

Low Risk - invest in Debt Funds

Moderate Risk - invest in short term Debt Funds and some in Balanced Funds

Moderately High Risk – invest in equity oriented Mid Cap Funds and Large Cap Funds

High Risk - invest in equity oriented Small Cap Funds

It would still be advisable to invest in Debt Funds and Balanced Funds. An investor investing in Debt Funds can expect a modest return of 7-10%, which is better than returns from Fixed Deposits. In a Balanced Fund, a return of 12-16% can be expected. Moreover a new investor should preferably take less risk while investing. These things should be kept in mind while selecting mutual funds.

The following funds can be invested in:


For 1 Year, depending on your risk profile, 

Low Risk - invest in liquid funds or ultra short term funds

Medium Risk - invest in short term debt funds and some in balanced funds

High Risk - invest in balanced funds and/or long term debt funds

Bets - if you want to bet some money, invest in small/mid cap funds or sector funds


In my opinion, 1 year is a very short term for investments. If you are investing for just 1 year, you should consider either Debt funds for low risk or Balanced funds for moderate risk. For debt funds, you can invest in better than FD portfolio. You can expect 8-9% returns in this portfolio. If you are looking for higher returns (with slightly higher risk) you can consider balanced funds such as DSP Balanced Fund. It has around 30% debt and 70% equity.

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