The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) Scheme is the flagship scheme of the Employees Provident Funds Organisation (EPFO). It is governed by the Employees Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952 and applies to any business that hires 20 or more people. The EPF benefits also extend to those exclusive and notified businesses that hire a smaller number of people as well.

Workers may use their Employees’ PF Account Number to verify the status of their EPF, the balance of their EPF account, and so on. For EPF withdrawals, the number is needed. Employees could not be aware of their EPF number or EPF balance check number at times when they have not kept track of their monthly contributions to the program. Employees would not be informed of their PF number by their boss. It is important that workers are aware of this.

Essentials of PF

Provident Fund Number A provident fund (PF) number is assigned to any employee of a company. The PF number is an alphanumeric code that represents the state, regional office, establishment, and PF member code for non-exempt organizations controlled by EPFO. The PF number is only numeric and is managed by a trust. The PF number is not special and varies if an employee changes employers.
UAN Number [Universal Account Number] The universal account number (UAN), unlike the PF account number, is a one-of-a-kind number assigned to each employee. No matter how many organizations an employee works for, he or she is only allowed to have one UAN. The 12-digit UAN remains the same as an employee switches employers. The universal account number (UAN), unlike the PF account number, is a one-of-a-kind number assigned to each employee. No matter how many organizations an employee works for, he or she is only allowed to have one UAN. The 12-digit UAN remains the same as an employee switches employers.
Provident Fund Contributions Employee contribution: Currently, the employee’s required monthly contribution is set at 12% of their monthly salary, which covers their minimum pay, dearness benefit, and retaining allowance, if any. As an employee, you have the option of increasing your commitment to up to 100% of your minimum salary. The contributions that are above 12% are considered to be a voluntary provident fund. 
EPFO Member The EPFO finds him a member as an employee who contributes to his or her EPF account. According to EPF regulations, any member, i.e. an employee with a monthly salary of less than Rs 15,000, is a member of the EPF system and is subject to the EPFO’s jurisdiction. Members with greater salaries will still participate in the program.
Interest on Provident Fund Balance The interest in PF is declared by the central board of trustees of EPFO. The calculation of the interest is based on the PF balance check with the PF number of each employee. A PF balance check number can determine the rate of interest to be incurred each month on the Provident Fund.
Passbook The employer shares the EPF statement with the employees within six months of the end of the FY. The statement carries a break-up of the employee and employer contribution to the fund, along with PF check number, PF balance check no., interest earned, and other details.
The Basic Pay of a PF Member The basic pay of a PF member is Rs. 15,000, and basic pay includes basic wages, allowances, retaining allowances, and the cash value of food concession

How to Know the EPF Number?

The contractor is responsible for registering new employees, allocating EPF numbers, and ensuring that EPF payments are made on schedule. As a result, the contractor plays a critical part in the EPF program, and it is critical that the workers collect their EPF account numbers.

If an employee cannot get the number from the employer, there are other ways an employee can get their number. 

EPFO Office Visit: Employees can get their EPF account number by going to the EPFO’s office. To collect the account number, the employee must have all of the necessary personal information. The employee must have proof of identity on them at all times, as well as fill out the application form.

UAN Portal: Employees who know their UAN number can easily obtain their EPF account number via the EPFO site. Employees can view all PF information by logging into the EPFO server.

Salary Slip: On the employee’s pay sheet, most employers would have the EPF account figure.

Format of the EPF Account Number

Both numbers and alphabets make up the EPF Account Number. The EPF account number also includes information about the EPF office that oversees all of the employee’s EPF account activities, as well as the organization’s code. An example of the format of an EPF account number, as well as the various information contained in the number, is given below:

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  • The first two alphabets represent the State. For example, KA for Karnataka, or UP for Uttar Pradesh.
  • The next three letters state the regional office.
  • The first seven numbers represent an establishment ID. 
  • The next three numbers represent the extension code of the very same establishment ID.
  • The last seven numbers are the actual EPF account number and are employee-specific.

Importance of the PF Account Number

Previously, the EPF account number was the most critical aspect of an EPF plan. Employees would not be allowed to borrow funds from their 401(k) or move funds from their former Member ID to their new one until they have an EPF number. However, with the implementation of the UAN, the UAN now handles the majority of EPF scheme operations. Employees must understand that the EPF Account Number is the primary identifier of the EPF account, while the UAN serves as the secondary identifier.

Uses of a Provident Fund Account Number:

  • Easy to find the UAN 
  • Necessary for the withdrawal of the provident fund
  • Transfer of amount to new member IDs
  • Essential to check EPF balance
  • You can also get yourself a pf balance check with PF number

Employee PF Number – FAQs

Q1. How long can a person retain their EPF account?

The account can be retained until the fund is withdrawn.

Q2. Can an employee join PF individually?

No, an individual can join a provident fund only through established employment.

Q3. Can the employer join PF?

No, the employer cannot join PF.

Q4. What is the minimum wage an employee has to receive PF?

The minimum wage of an employee has to be Rs. 15,000.

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