NSE (National stock exchange) is India’s largest stock exchange, with a market capitalization value of US$. 2.7 trillion. NSE is open for trading from 9.15 a.m. – 3.30 p.m. (normal session) on weekdays. NSE trading holidays are observed on both Saturdays and Sundays. 

Apart from weekends, specific national and cultural holidays fall under the NSE holiday list. Trading NSE holidays 2020 are observed on the following occasions:

Occasion DateDay
Republic day 26th January Sunday
Mahashivratri21st FebruaryFriday
Holi10th MarchTuesday
Ram Navami2nd AprilThursday
Mahavir Jayanti6th AprilMonday
Good Friday10th AprilFriday
Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar Jayanti14th AprilTuesday
Mayday/Maharashtra Day1st MayFriday
Eid-ul-Fitr25th MayMonday
Bakr- Eid1st  AugustSaturday
Independence Day 15th AugustSaturday
Ganesh Chaturthi 22nd AugustSaturday
Muharram 30th AugustSunday
Gandhi Jayanti2nd OctoberFriday
Dusshera25th October Sunday
Diwali*  Laxmi Pujan14th November Saturday
Diwali  Balipratipada16th NovemberMonday
Guru Nanak Jayanti30th NovemberMonday
Christmas25th DecemberFriday

NSE holidays are also observed on days when banks are closed for processing transactions. Such days are known as clearing NSE holidays when the stock exchange is open for trading, but not for settlement of any purchase or sell orders. 

NSE India holidays for clearing of trade requests can be listed as follows:

Occasion Date
Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti 19th February
Republic day 26th January 
Mahashivratri21st February
Holi10th March
Annual closing 1st April 
Ram Navami2nd April
Mahavir Jayanti6th April
Ambedkar Jayanti14th April 
Good Friday10th April
Mayday1st May
Eid-ul-Fitr25th May
Bakr- Eid1st  August
Independence Day 15th August
Ganesh Chaturthi 22nd August
Muharram 30th August
Gandhi Jayanti2nd October
Dusshera25th October 
Diwali14th November
Guru Nanak Jayanti30th  November
Christmas25th December

Even though Diwali is observed as one of the NSE India holidays, an hour of ‘Muhurat trading’ is conducted. NSE remains open for trading between 5.00 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. for this purpose, as transactions made during time is considered to be auspicious. 

It has been observed that the Nifty (NSE benchmark index) closes at a higher value on this day, as trade volume is significantly high. Individuals undertake some form of investment in the stock market on this day, as a method of honoring Goddess Lakshmi. 

Apart from NSE holidays, trade is conducted every single day in the stock market from 9.00 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. This is also known as the normal or continuous session, as no breaks are allotted to the traders’ present. A pre-opening and post-closing session is also followed in the national stock exchange, wherein orders can be modified or withdrawn if placed in a specific time frame. 

An opening session can be divided into three major segments, such as:

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  • 9.00 a.m.  – 9.08 a.m. 

Any trade at the previous day’s closing price can be placed. Orders for purchase or sale of securities can be modified in this phase. 

  • 9.08 a.m. 9.12 a.m.

Limiting the order system is followed to determine the opening price at which securities will be traded in the normal session. No modifications are allowed in this time period. 

  • 9.12 a.m. – 9.15 a.m. 

This time is utilized to ensure a smooth transition between the opening and normal session. No orders can be placed or during this tenure as well.

Standard transactions take place during a normal session. After the market closes for the day at 3.30, closing prices are determined at which bids can be placed from 3.30 p.m. to 3.40 p.m. 

Investors can easily purchase or sell securities during this time on weekdays, barring NSE holidays. While retail customers have to employ online brokerage agencies for any trade, institutional investors can transact through block deals at the time during trading hours in NSE.

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