RTO Udaipur

Udaipur is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India, known for its rich culture and history. The city also receives a large number of tourists every year. As a result, RTO Udaipur plays an important role in enforcing traffic rules and regulations in the city. 

The Regional Transport Office of Udaipur also ensures road safety standards, in addition to its primary functions of issuing driving licences, vehicle registration, and road permits. 

Latest Update

High-Security Number Plates are now mandatory in Rajasthan for even old vehicles. A heavy challan will be imposed by traffic police post January 25, 2024.

Source: parivahan.gov.in

List of RTOs in Udaipur

The city of Udaipur has only one Regional Transport Office. Refer to the table below to know the Udaipur RTO code, address, phone number and timings.

Udaipur RTO Code

Udaipur RTO Address

RTO Udaipur Contact Number

RTO Timings for Udaipur


Sukher Road Ayad Rural, Ayad Rural, Udaipur, Rajasthan 

0294-247 1522

09.30 AM – 06:30 PM

Functions of RTO Udaipur

The major functions and services of the Udaipur Regional Transport Office are mentioned below:

  • Ensuring Road Safety and Regulations

Udaipur RTO enforces all traffic rules and regulations as per the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, ensuring road safety and legal standards for all vehicular operations within the city.

  • Conducting Driving Test

One of the important functions of Udaipur RTO is to conduct driving tests to ensure that an individual meets the necessary competency standards before obtaining a permanent driving licence.

  • Issuing Learner’s License, National and International Permits

The RTO Udaipur offers several license-related services, including the issuing of learner's licences, permanent DLs, and International Driving Permits.

  • Vehicle Fitness Evaluation

RTO Udaipur conducts vehicle fitness checks and issues vehicle fitness certificates, ensuring that the vehicle meets safety and performance standards.

  • Vehicle Registration Services

The Regional Transport Office of Udaipur looks after the issuance of Vehicle Registration Certificates (RCs) for different vehicle types. Also, it provides services related to the renewal of vehicle RC and transfer of vehicle ownership.

The various types of vehicle registrations available through RTO Udaipur include:

  • Temporary Registration – For newly purchased vehicles awaiting permanent registration.
  • Permanent Registration – Standard registration for vehicles meeting all requirements.
  • Issuance of Tourist Permit and Trade Certificate

RTO Udaipur is also responsible for issuing various road permits, including vehicle permits, tourist vehicle permits, and trade certificates for commercial vehicles.

  • Implementing Pollution Control Measures

Udaipur RTO Office also implements pollution control measures to reduce vehicle pollution levels. To ensure environmental sustainability, it conducts emission tests and issues Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificates for vehicles.

  • Parivahan Informational Services

The Parivahan portal allows citizens to access RTO services online. The types of services include:

- Know your licence details

- Know your vehicle details

- Fees and user charges

- Manuals

- Online downloadable forms

- About Permits

- About Registrations

- About licensing

  • Fancy Number Booking Services

Vehicle owners can book Fancy or choice number services as their registration number. Users can register for e-auctions online and take part in the bidding process to acquire a fancy registration number.

How to Register a Vehicle at RTO Udaipur?

Here are the steps an individual needs to follow to register their vehicle for the first time under the Regional Transport Office of Udaipur:

Step 1: Download Form 20 online from the Parivahan website. You can also get this form at the RTO Office, Udaipur.

Step 2: Fill in details like personal information, vehicle details, fuel type, engine/chassis particulars, insurance details, etc.

Step 3: Submit the application form along with the supporting documents at the Udaipur RTO.

Step 4: Pay the vehicle registration fees and road/green taxes based on the vehicle's value, type, and age. 

Step 5: Bring your vehicle for inspection and verification purposes along with all the documents.

Step 6: After successful inspection, the RTO will issue the vehicle RC book within 1-2 weeks. It will also include your vehicle's allotted registration number.

Documentation Required for Vehicle Registration at RTO Udaipur

Here is the list of essential documents required for vehicle registration at the Udaipur RTO:

  • Passport-size photographs of the vehicle
  • Form 20: Application form for vehicle registration
  • Form 21: Vehicle sale certificate filled by the seller
  • Form 22: Owner's declaration of compliance with safety/emission norms
  • Vehicle Insurance Policy Documents
  • Address Proof of the Applicant
  • Temporary or Trade Registration Certificate, if applicable
  • Import Clearance Certificate for imported vehicles
  • Agriculturalist Certificate (Form 60/61), if applicable
  • Tahsildar Certificate for Tractors

Vehicle Registration Charges at RTO Udaipur

Below are the charges for vehicle registration at the Udaipur Regional Transport Office:

Types of Vehicles

RTO Udaipur Registration Charges



Heavy Vehicle


Light Motor Vehicle

₹600 to ₹1000

Imported Vehicle




Heavy Vehicle


How to get an RTO Driving License in Udaipur?

Follow these steps to obtain a new driving licence or renew your expired DL from the Udaipur RTO:

Step 1: Visit parivahan.gov.in, register for an account, and fill out the application form with basic personal details.

Alternatively, you could also visit your nearest RTO office to obtain the application form.

Step 2: Book a slot for your RTO driving test under the 'Online Appointment' tab, select the licence type, RTO office, suitable date & and time slot, and complete online payment of fees.

You can also book the driving test slot offline at the RTO office by paying the fees.

Step 3: Whether you applied online or offline, visit the RTO office on the allotted date & and time to the duly filled application form along with age proof, address proof, and passport photos.

Step 4: On the specified date, take the driving test conducted by the RTO.

Step 5: Upon passing the test, collect your new licence from the RTO office. 

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Documents Required to Apply for a Driver's License in Udaipur

The documents needed to acquire a driving licence in Udaipur include:

  • Application Form 1 and Form 1A
  • Proof of age/identity (such as Aadhaar, PAN card, etc.)
  • Address proof (like an Aadhaar card, electricity bill, etc.)
  • Three passport-size photographs

Fees for Licence Application in Regional Transport Office Udaipur

RTO Driving License Fees in Udaipur

Type of License

RTO Fees

Renewal of Driving License


International Driving Permit


Learner's Licence


Permanent Driving License


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