RTO Jalgaon

Jalgaon is a city in the northwestern region of Maharashtra known for its gold production. Due to this, the number of commuters in and around this area has been rapidly increasing. RTO Jalgaon, which operates under the code MH-19, manages and regulates the transport and vehicle-related activities in the region. 

Latest Update
More than 25 lakh vehicles were registered in Maharashtra in 2023, a 7.91% increase in one year.

Source: Hindustan Times

List of RTOs in Jalgaon

There is one Regional Transport Office located in Jalgaon with code MH-19. Refer to the table below to know about the Jalgaon RTO office address, contact number and timings:

Jalgaon RTO Code

Jalgaon RTO Office Address

RTO Jalgaon Contact Number

RTO Timings for Jalgaon


Adarsh Nagar, Jalgaon, Near SP Chowk, 425001


09:00 AM – 06:00 PM

Functions of Jalgaon RTO

The services offered at MH 19 Jalgaon RTO (Maharashtra) encompass a variety of essential functions for vehicle owners and drivers:

  • Conduct Driving Test: The RTO administers driving tests to evaluate the driving skills of licence applicants in Jalgaon.
  • Renewal of Issued Licences: This service at RTO Jalgaon allows individuals to renew existing driving licences that have expired.
  • Vehicle Ownership Transfer: RTO Jalgaon manages the process of transferring vehicle ownership from one individual to another.
  • Address Change: This service at RTO Jalgaon facilitates updates to the address information on driving licences and vehicle registration documents.
  • Issue Learner Licence: Individuals in Jalgaon can obtain a learner licence through the RTO in Jalgaon.
  • Issue Duplicate Driving Licence: Duplicate copies of driving licences are provided by RTO Jalgaon in case the original is lost or damaged.
  • Issue New Driving License: The RTO grants new driving licences to qualified individuals who have successfully passed their driving tests.
  • Temporary Registration of Vehicle: It temporarily registers vehicles, allowing them to be legally operated on the roads during the interim period.
  • Public Carrier National Permit: It issues national permits for public carrier vehicles, enabling them to operate across state borders.
  • Permanent Registration of Vehicle: The RTO in Jalgaon facilitates the permanent registration of vehicles, ensuring their legality and compliance with regulations.
  • Registration Certificate Renewal: RTO Jalgaon conducts renewal of registration certificates for vehicles requiring updated documentation.
  • Issue No Objection Certificate (NOC): NOCs for vehicles are provided by RTO Jalgaon, which are often required during interstate vehicle transfers or re-registration.
  • Tourist Vehicle Permit: RTO Jalgaon grants permits for vehicles intended for tourism purposes, ensuring legal compliance for such operations.
  • Stage Carriage Services Permit: Permits for stage carriage services are facilitated by RTO Jalgaon, allowing for the legal operation of public transportation services.

Process of Obtaining a Driving License at Jalgaon RTO

To get a driving licence in Jalgaon, individuals must pass the driving licence test, after which they will be issued the DL. The application for a driving licence in Jalgaon can be completed either online or offline.

RTO Jalgaon Offline Application Process for Driving License

Here are the steps to apply for a driving license offline through Jalgaon RTO:

Step 1: Visit the Jalgaon RTO office.

Step 2: Obtain the application form from the RTO office directly or access it online through the Parivahan website.

Step 3: Fill out the form correctly and submit it along with the necessary documents at the RTO.

Step 4: Pay the required application fees at the counter.

Step 5: Book a slot for the driving license test.

Step 6: Take the driving test on the scheduled date and venue. Upon successfully passing the test, the applicant will receive a driving licence.

RTO Jalgaon Online Application Process for Driving License

Here are the steps to apply for a driving license online at Jalgaon RTO:

Step 1: Visit the Parivahan portal.

Step 2: Navigate to “Online services” and select “Driving licence-related services”.

Step 3: Specify the state as “Maharashtra” and select the RTO as “Jalgaon (MH-19)”.

Step 4: Choose "Apply online" followed by "New Driving Licence".

Step 5: Enter applicant details and upload the required documents, photographs, and signatures.

Step 6: Pay the fees online and book a driving test slot. If you can't proceed online, visit the Jalgaon RTO office.

Step 7: Appear for the driving licence test. Upon successfully passing the test, the applicant will receive a licence.

Documents Required for Driving License Application in Jalgaon

These are the essential documents required to apply for a driving licence in Jalgaon.

  • Form 4 or driving licence application form.
  • Form 5 (required specifically for obtaining a commercial DL).
  • Age and address proof documents, such as voter’s ID, PAN card, Aadhar card, etc.
  • Three copies of passport-size photographs.
  • Payment receipt for driving license application fee.
  • Payment receipt for driving licence test.

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Fees for Licence Application in Regional Transport Office Jalgaon

The Jalgaon Regional Transport Office charges certain fees for license application which are listed in the table below:

Type of License-Related Services

RTO Fees

Provision of Learner’s Permit Across Vehicle Categories


Conducting Driving License Test or Retest


Provision of Driver's Licence


Driver's License Renewal


Inclusion of Extra Vehicle Class to Driver's Licence


Issuance of International Driver's Licence


License Renewal and Issuance for Driving Schools


Provision of Duplicate Licence for Driving Institutions


Renewal of Driver's License After Grace Period

₹300 (with an additional fee of ₹1000 for each year of delay)

Process of Registering a Vehicle through RTO Jalgaon

To register a vehicle permanently in Jalgaon, the applicant needs to follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit the Jalgaon Regional Transport Office (RTO) to initiate the vehicle registration process. Fill out the required registration forms with accurate information.

Step 2: Pay the registration fees and submit the vehicle registration form 

Step 3: Ensure you submit all necessary documents along with the form. Bring both original documents and their photocopies.

Step 4: The RTO officials will inspect the vehicle physically to ensure it meets all the safety standards and criteria.

Step 5: The registration will be approved once your vehicle passes the inspection process. You will also receive a vehicle registration certificate from the Jalgaon RTO.

Document Required for Vehicle Registration at RTO Jalgaon

Here is the list of documents that are necessary to register a vehicle at the Jalgaon RTO:

  • Form 20/ application form for vehicle registration.
  • Form 21/ vehicle sale certificate providing details such as the vehicle model, date of manufacture, and total invoice amount.
  • Form 22 or the roadworthiness certificate confirming compliance with safety and pollution standards.
  • Form 29, the notice for vehicle ownership transfer.
  • Form 30, the application for intimation and transfer of vehicle ownership.
  • Form 34, the application to include loan hypothecation in the Registration Certificate (if applicable).
  • Form 38 A/ vehicle inspection report.
  • Form 51/ vehicle insurance certificate.
  • Form 60 (required if there is no PAN card).

Fees for Vehicle Registration at Jalgaon RTO

Here are the fees for vehicle registration at the Jalgaon Regional Transport Office:

Vehicle Types

RTO Jalgaon Fees

Medium Commercial Vehicle


Medium Capacity Passenger Vehicle


Large Commercial Vehicle


Large Capacity Passenger Vehicle


Imported Automobile


Imported Motorbike


Other Unspecified Vehicle


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