RTO Guwahati

RTO Guwahati is in the heart of Assam and caters to all motor vehicle-associated functions and needs throughout the entire region of Guwahati. The services offered by this RTO include all the terms of the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. The functions of the RTO Include vehicle registrations, driving license issues, tax collection, and more.

List of RTOs in Guwahati

There is one fully functional RTO in Guwahati. Refer to the table below to know the RTO Guwahati code, address and contact details:

Guwahati RTO Office Details

Guwahati RTO Code


Guwahati RTO Office Address

Guwahati, National Highway (NH) Bypass, Betkuchi, Guwahati, Assam - 781035.

Office Timings

10AM - 5PM

Guwahati RTO Contact Number


Functions of Guwahati RTO

The RTO office in Guwahati carries out the following functions:

  • Registration of Vehicles

Vehicle registration is compulsory in every state of the country. Therefore, Guwahati RTO (AS01) is responsible for registering all motor vehicles in the region. After the vehicle is registered, the RTO provides it with a unique registration number beginning with the code AS01. This registration number and number plate are attached to the motor vehicle and act as its identifier.

  • Issue of Driving Licenses

Driving licenses are also issued by the RTO. The driving licenses issued by the Regional transport offices form a document of proof for the individual and prove him/her to be a competent driver. There are also various kinds of licenses issued by the RTO, and they are Learner’s licenses, Driving licenses, International driving permits and commercial driving licenses.

  • Collection of Road Taxes

The RTO is also responsible for collecting taxes from the region's citizens on behalf of the state government. These taxes are used to develop roads, highways, and other infrastructure within the city. 

  • Issue of Travel Permits

The RTO office in Guwahati is also in charge of issuing state-wide, inter-state, and nationwide travel permits to tourist and commercial vehicles. 

  • Renewal of Vehicle Registration

You can also renew your vehicle's registration through the RTO. When the registration expires, you can take your vehicle to the Guwahati RTO and apply for vehicle re-registration

  • Issue of Vehicle Fitness Certificates

The RTO office Guwahati issues vehicle fitness certificates for all vehicles. An officer of the RTO will inspect the vehicles, and on concluding if the vehicle is fit to be driven on roads, the RTO officer will provide the vehicle with a fitness certificate.

  •  Issue of Pollution Under Control Certificates

It conducts emission tests for vehicles and provides them with PUCC (Pollution under control certificates). These certificates state that the vehicle produces below-the-margin emissions and is safe to drive. This is done in order to abide by the environmental norms of the law. 

  • Vehicle Homologation

Homologation is the procedure of certifying that a particular vehicle is roadworthy and meets all the legal and technical criteria laid out by the government. This is applicable to both Indian and imported vehicles. This certificate ensures the vehicle meets all the conditions in terms of emission, fitness, safety, and roadworthiness. 

  • Removal of Hypothecation

This applies when the motor vehicle has been purchased on credit/loan. Once the loan has been repaid fully, the borrower will need to remove the vehicle's hypothecation through the RTO.

  • NOC (No Objection Certificate)

In order to transfer vehicle registrations from the state of Karnataka to another state, the individual needs to get an NOC from his nearest RTO to register his vehicle in another state. This states the current state does not restrict the transfer.

Vehicle Registration Procedure in RTO Guwahati

The vehicle registration process in Guwahati is as follows:

Step 1: Visit the Guwahati RTO with your vehicle and ask for the registration application form. 

Step 2: Fill out the form, attach the required documents, and provide it with the registration fee at the counter. 

Step 3: Your vehicle will be inspected, and on approval, you will be sanctioned with a registration number.

Step 4: Your registration certificate will be delivered to the registered address.

Documents Required for the Vehicle Registration in Guwahati

Here are the documents required for RTO Guwahati vehicle registration:

  • Sale Certificate in Form 21.
  • Certificate from the manufacturer in Form No. 22.
  • For ex-army vehicles, the original sale certificate is in Form 21.
  • Temporary registration.
  • Proof of address.
  • Customs clearance certificate for imported vehicles.

Driving License Application Process in RTO Office, Guwahati

The process to avail a DL in Guwahati is as follows:

Step 1: Visit the official Parivahan portal and click on online services. 

Step 2: Under online services, choose 'DL application.'

Step 3: Fill out the application form, book an appointment for your driving test, and click on submit. 

Step 4: Appear for your driving test.

Step 5: Upon passing your driving test, your DL application will be approved.

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RTO Guwahati Fees

The Regional Transport Office of Guwahati implies several fees for services related to vehicle registration and license application. Refer to the table below to know the Guwahati RTO fees:

RTO Guwahati Services

Guwahati RTO Fees

Two-wheeler registration

Rs. 50

Three-wheeler registration

Rs. 300

Non-transport registration

Rs. 600

Imported Bike registration

Rs. 2,500

Imported Car Registration

Rs. 5,000

Issue of DL

Rs. 200

Issue of LL

Rs. 150

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