What is the process to start STP? Please let me names of fund 1 and fund 2

Hi Grow Experts, I remember there was a discussion on the STP process but don't actually remember what it was.....I am having around 5 lakhs with me so which fund (say fund1) do I invest the lumpsum and then do an STP to which fund (say fund 2). If anyone can help me with the names of the 2 funds - fund 1 and fund 2


Systematic transfer plan (STP) is a plan where an investor invests a lump sum amount in one scheme (mostly a debt scheme) and regularly transfers a fixed amount in another scheme (mostly an equity scheme) on a specified date. It can be the other way round too. Such a scheme helps investors to spread investments over a period of time to average out the purchase cost and rule out the risks of market extremities. The underlying idea behind an STP is to earn a little extra on the lump sum while it is being deployed in equity.

The time period for the transfers can be decided according to the lump sum amount available to invest.

If you have lump sum which you don't need immediately for the next 4-5 years, the simple form of STP can be used. You can invest the lump sum amount in a Debt or a Liquid fund and transfer that amount to an Equity fund.

STP can be done only for intra mutual fund house transactions. Some funds that you can consider are:

STP for Long Term (5+ years)

Source debt funds for lump sum investment

  • Reliance Short Term (7.93% pa)
  • Aditya Birla SL Short Term (8.59% pa)
  • Kotak Banking & PSU Debt (8.36% pa)

Destination equity funds for STP

  • Reliance Small Cap (24.59% pa)
  • Aditya Birla SL Small & Mid-cap (24.24% pa)
  • Kotak Emerging Equity Scheme (19.67% pa)  

STP for Short-Term (3-5 years)

Source debt funds for lump sum investment

  • Mirae Asset Cash Management (7.22% pa)
  • Kotak Banking & PSU Debt (8.36% pa)
  • Reliance Short Term (7.93% pa)

Destination equity funds for STP

  • Mirae Asset India Opportunities (15.77% pa)
  • Kotak Select Focus (15.12% pa)
  • Reliance Top 200 (12.64% pa)

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