RTO Dehradun

The Regional Transport Office (RTO) in Dehradun is an administrative body under the Uttarakhand government and has an RTO Code of UK-07. RTO Dehradun enforces traffic rules and regulations across the region and abides by the rules of the Motor Vehicles Act, 198, to ensure road safety. It is also responsible for several vehicle-related services such as issuing vehicle registration, driver's licence, road permits and vehicle fitness certificates. Citizens can also easily use these RTO services online through the RTO Dehradun website.

Services Provided by Dehradun RTO

Given below are the wide range of services provided by the Regional Transport Office (RTO) of Dehradun:

  • National Single Window System (NSWS): Dehradun RTO operates within the National Single Window System, facilitating seamless interactions and transactions for a variety of transport-related services.
  • Online CF of Challan: The RTO office of Dehradun enables the online clearance of challans, providing a convenient way for individuals to settle their traffic fines digitally.
  • All India Tourist Permit Authorization Renewal: This service by the Regional Transport Office of Dehradun ensures the hassle-free renewal of All India Tourist Permits, which is essential for commercial vehicles engaged in tourist operations.
  • Trade Certificate: It also issues trade certificates to dealers and manufacturers, authorising them to carry out vehicle sales and trade activities.
  • Green Card & Trip Card: These cards are issued by the RTO of Dehradun to facilitate seamless interstate movement of commercial vehicles, streamlining logistics, and transportation operations.
  • Vehicle-related Online Services: The Regional Transport Office in Dehradun provides a range of online services such as vehicle registration, vehicle ownership transfer, and the issue of vehicle fitness certificate and PUC certificate after conducting emission control test and fitness check for the vehicle.
  • Providing Vehicle HSRP: Dehradun RTO offers the High-Security Registration Plates (HSRP) service to improve the security and validity of car registration plates. The HSRP is a standardised, tamper-proof licence plate that is attached to automobiles to prevent counterfeiting and enhance law enforcement.
  • Smart Card RC: The RTO Dehradun’s Smart Card Registration Certificate (RC) service is a digital replacement for the conventional paper-based car registration certificate. The Smart Card RC is intended to be more secure, robust, and tamper-proof.
  • Conducting Driving Test: It is also responsible for conducting driving tests for individuals who wish to apply for a permanent driving license. Before receiving a permanent driving licence, applicants are assessed on their practical driving abilities at the driving test and are offered a permanent license if they pass the test successfully.
  • Know Your DL Status: Individuals can check the status of their driving licence application or renewal through this online service.
  • Know Your RC Status: Vehicle owners can verify the status of their registration certificate (RC) online, ensuring transparency and accuracy in documentation.

List of Dehradun RTO Offices

Currently, there is only one RTO Office in Dehradun under the Uttarakhand government to cater to the needs of the citizens. Given below are the Dehradun RTO number, address, code and working hours:

Dehradun RTO Codes

Dehradun RTO Office Address

RTO Dehradun Contact Number

Dehradun RTO Working Hours


105 Rajpur Road Near Silver City, Hathibarkala Salwala, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248001


10:00 AM to 5:00 PM


Types of Vehicle Registration Offered by RTO Dehradun

The two important types of vehicle registration offered by the Regional Transport Office in Dehradun are:

Permanent Vehicle Registration: This type of registration is for vehicles intended for long-term use, such as private cars and motorcycles. It involves obtaining a permanent registration number and a registration certificate (RC), which serves as proof of ownership and legality.

Temporary Vehicle Registration: Temporary registration is useful for vehicles that are not yet ready for permanent registration. It allows you to legally drive your vehicle for a limited period, usually while awaiting necessary documents or modifications. This is common when purchasing a new vehicle.

Transport Vehicle Registration: For vehicles used commercially, like taxis, buses, or trucks. This type of registration ensures compliance with specific regulations related to commercial transportation.

All India Tourist Permit: Designed for vehicles engaged in tourism activities across different states, this permit allows for inter-state travel. It is particularly useful for tour operators and travel agencies.

How to Register Your Vehicle at Dehradun RTO: Step-by-Step

The process of vehicle registration at Dehradun RTO involves a series of steps to ensure proper documentation and legal compliance. Here is a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Commence the process by accessing the official RTO Dehradun website. Click on the 'Online Services for Public' section and select 'Vehicle-Related Online Services.' This will redirect you to the 'Vahan Parivahan' website. You will be prompted to provide your Temporary Registration Number. Input the required details and click 'Proceed.

Step 2: Upon redirection, you will need to enter your Chassis Number and Mobile Number as part of the authentication process.

Step 3: Proceed to complete the 'Applicant Details' section according to the provided guidelines. Ensure all necessary information is accurately furnished. Additionally, submit the prescribed documents as required.

Step 4: Enter the One-Time Password that you will get on your registered cellphone number. To continue, click on 'Show Details'.

Step 5: Following this, provide further details as prompted by the displayed form. Ensure accuracy and completeness in your responses.

Step 6: Once all relevant information is supplied, click 'Submit.' Subsequently, confirm the provided details and proceed to make the requisite payment.

Step 7: After confirming the payment, a receipt will be generated. It is essential to print and retain this receipt for future reference.

Step 8: Following submission and payment, your application will undergo review by the RTO officials. Upon approval, the RTO of Dehradun will initiate the process of generating the Registration Certificate (RC) smartcard.

Step 9: After approval from the Dehradun RTO officers, the RTO will generate the RC smartcard. Upon completion, the RTO will dispatch the RC to the address registered during the application process via postal mail.

Documents Required for Vehicle Registration at Dehradun RTO

When registering your vehicle with the Dehradun RTO, it is imperative to adhere to a concise set of essential documents. These documents must be submitted to the Registering Authority within a span of seven days following the vehicle's purchase. The fundamental documents required are as follows:

  •   Application in Form-20
  •   Sale Certificate in Form-21
  •   Form 22 Issued by Dealer
  •   Valid Insurance Certificate
  •   Proof of Address
  •   Temporary Registration Certificate (if applicable)
  •   Form-A under Taxation Act, 1997
  •   Passport Size Photographs
  •   Imported Vehicle Documentation (if applicable)

Vehicle Registration Fees at Dehradun RTO Office

Type of Vehicle

Registration Fees (Rs.)

Invalid Carriage


LMV (Non-Transport)


LMV (Light Commercial Vehicle)


Medium Passenger Vehicle


Heavy Passenger Vehicle


Imported Motorcycle




Medium Goods Vehicle


Heavy Goods Vehicle


Imported Motor Vehicles


How to Get a Driver’s License at Dehradun RTO: Step-by-Step

Acquiring a driver's licence in Dehradun is a straightforward process when following these simple steps:

Step 1: Get the process started by going to the Parivahan Dehradun website.

Step 2: Locate and access the 'Online Services' section.

Step 3: Look for the area that lists services relating to driving licences.

Step 4: When you click on this section, the website will immediately reroute you to the Sarathi page.

Step 5: Specify your state which will be ‘Uttarakhand’ within the provided options.

Step 6: Choose the ‘Apply For Learner’s Licence’ option.

Step 7: Complete the requisite form, ensuring accurate information and submission of necessary documents along with your learner's licence application.

Step 8: Select a suitable date for the learner's licence test.

Step 9: Attend the learner's licence exam to obtain your learner's licence successfully.

Step 10: After a month's duration, apply for a permanent driving licence through the Sarathi portal.

Step 11: Schedule a driving test appointment by selecting an appropriate date and time.

Step 12: Fulfil the necessary fee payment.

Step 13: Visit the RTO office Dehradun on the scheduled date for the driving test.

Step 14: Upon successfully passing the driving test, you will be eligible to receive your permanent driving licence (DL).

Essential Documentation for Getting a Driver’s License at Dehradun RTO

To obtain a permanent driver’s licence through the Dehradun RTO, applicants must undergo the application process before the Licensing Authority, accompanied by a set of vital documents. These essential documents comprise:

  •   Application in Form No. 4
  •   Learner Licence
  •   Three Copies of Passport Photographs
  •   Driving Certificate (Form-5)
  •   Fees as Specified in Rule-81
  •   Proof of Address
  •   Proof of Age

Driver’s License Related Expenses & Fees at RTO Dehradun

Type of License

Amt (Rs.)

Learner’s Licence issuance


Learner’s Licence Retest


Driving Licence issuance


Driving Licence retest


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