RTO Nagpur

RTO Nagpur is a government entity which comes under the Maharashtra Transport Department. It is responsible for supervising transportation and vehicle-related services, such as licence issues, vehicle registration, ownership transfer, etc. It enforces traffic rules and regulations to ensure road safety within the city.  

There is one Regional Transport Office in Nagpur, having the code MH-31. It also offers several online services, which can be accessed through the RTO Nagpur website.

List of RTO Offices in Nagpur

The table below highlights the important details related to the RTO Office Nagpur, including the Nagpur RTO code, contact number, address and timings:

Nagpur RTO Code

RTO Office Nagpur Address

Nagpur RTO Number

RTO Nagpur City Working Hours


RTO Office Nagpur, Opposite Giripeth Post Office, Nagpur, Maharashtra - 440001


09:30 AM - 06:30 PM

Roles and Responsibilities of RTO Nagpur

Here are the several responsibilities and services of the Regional Transport Office of Nagpur:

  • Conducting Driving Tests: The RTO in Nagpur conducts driving tests before issuing a permanent DL. These tests check your driving skills and knowledge of road rules.
  • Issuing Learner’s and Driving Licences: It provides a learner's licence, which allows you to practise driving under supervision, and a permanent driving licence once you have passed the required tests.
  • Renewing Driving Licences: If your driving licence has expired, you can renew it at the RTO office in Nagpur.
  • International Driving Permit: If you plan to drive in other countries, the RTO Office of Nagpur can provide you with an International Driving License, which is like a passport for driving internationally.
  • Issuing Registration Certificates: It gives you registration certificates for your vehicle, which prove that your vehicle is legally registered.
  • Reissuing Lost or Damaged Certificates: If you lose or damage your registration certificate, the RTO can issue a new one.
  • Transferring Ownership: It also helps in vehicle ownership transfer if you plan to sell your vehicle or while buying a second-hand vehicle.
  • NOC for Vehicle Transfer: If you're moving to a different state and want to take your vehicle with you, the Nagpur RTO provides a No Objection Certificate (NOC) required for the transfer.
  • Vehicle Fitness Checks: It also examines vehicles to make sure they are fit for the road and issues vehicle fitness certificates for vehicles that meet all the fitness standards.
  • Issuing Road Permits: The RTO provides various permits, such as stage permits for public transportation and carriage permits for goods transportation.

Types of Vehicle Registrations in RTO Office Nagpur

The Regional Transport Office, Nagpur, issues two types of vehicle registration:

  • Temporary Motor Vehicle Registration
  • Permanent Motor Vehicle Registration

Temporary registration is only valid for a period of 7 days, and therefore, it is essential to register the vehicle permanently to commute freely in Indore.

Vehicle Registration Process in Regional Transport Office Nagpur

In order for vehicles to travel in Nagpur, a vehicle needs to be registered with the RTO. The following is the procedure for registering a vehicle with Nagpur Regional Transport Office:

  • Visit the nearest Regional Transport Office in Nagpur along with all the required documents, such as your ID proof, address proof, vehicle's sale invoice, Form 20 (application for registration), and Form 21 (sales certificate from the dealer).
  • Schedule an appointment for the vehicle inspection. An RTO officer will examine your vehicle's chassis number, engine number, and other details to ensure they match the documents.
  • Pay the registration fee, road tax, and any other applicable fees.
  • Submit all the documents along with the registration form at the counter.
  • Once your documents are verified, you will be allotted a permanent registration number for your vehicle. 

It is advisable to go through the RTO Nagpur official website (https://transport.maharashtra.gov.in/1035/Home) to get more information on RTO Nagpur vehicle registration details and processes.

Documents Required for Vehicle Registration in Nagpur RTO

You will have to carry the following documents to register your vehicle through the Regional Transport Offices of Nagpur:

  • Form 20 or vehicle registration application form
  • Sale Certificate or Invoice of Purchase
  • Form 22, which includes the applicant's statement of conformity with environmental and safety regulations, as well as roadworthiness.
  • Insurance Copy
  • Temporary Registration
  • Address Proof
  • Registration Fee
  • Passport Size Photo  

Vehicle Registration Fees at Nagpur Regional Transport Office

The table below shows the RTO Nagpur registration fees for different types of vehicles:

Type of Vehicle

RTO Nagpur Fee


Rs. 50

Small Vehicles

Rs. 300

Medium Goods Vehicles

Rs. 1000

Medium Weight Passenger Vehicle

Rs. 1000

Heavy Goods Vehicles

Rs. 1500

Heavy Passenger Vehicles

Rs. 1500

Other Types of Vehicles

Rs. 3000

Process of Applying for a Driver’s License in Nagpur

Here is the step-by-step process for applying for a driver's licence with the Nagpur RTO:

Step 1: Visit the official website of Nagpur RTO (https://transport.maharashtra.gov.in/1035/Home).

Step 2: Navigate to ‘License Services’ and select ‘Driving License Application’. You will be redirected to the official Parivahan website (https://vahan.parivahan.gov.in/).

Step 3: On the redirected page, select the type of driver's licence you want to apply for. This could include a learner's licence or a permanent licence.

Step 4: Fill out the Application Form - Complete the online driver's licence application form with accurate personal information, address details, and any other required details.

Step 5: Select Preferred Slot - Choose a suitable date and time for your learner's licence test or permanent licence test, if applicable.

Step 6: Submit Application - Review all the entered details and ensure everything is accurate. Submit your application.

Step 7: Appear for Test - If you applied for a learner's licence, visit the RTO office in Nagpur on the selected date for the learner's licence test.

Step 8: Collect Your Learner's License or Permanent License - You may pick up your learner's permit or permanent driver's licence from the designated RTO office in Nagpur after your application has been approved.

Documents Required for Driver’s Licence Application at Nagpur

To successfully apply for a driver's licence at Nagpur RTO, you need to provide essential documents. These include:

  •   Application Form (Form 20)
  •   Dealer's Sale Certificate (Form 21)
  •   Manufacturer's Roadworthiness Certificate (Form 22, 22-A)
  •   Purchase Invoice (for Lifetime Tax Vehicles)
  •   Temporary Registration Certificate
  •   PAN Number or Form-60 (Except for 2-wheelers)
  •   Valid Insurance Certificate
  •   Address Proof
  •   Bill of Entry (Imported Vehicles) (if applicable)
  •   Octroi Receipt (Municipal Limits Registration) (if applicable)
  •   Manufacturer's Certificate (Invalid Carriage)
  •   Customs Clearance Certificate (Imported Vehicles) (if applicable)
  •   Transport Commissioner's Design Approval (Trailers) (if applicable)
  •   7/12 Abstract or Tahsildar Certificate (Agricultural Tractor & Trailer) (if applicable)
  •   Entry Tax Payment Proof (Outside State Purchases)  

Licence Application Fees at Nagpur RTO

Given below are the RTO Nagpur fees for license application:

Type of License

RTO Nagpur Fee

Permanent Licence

Rs. 716

International Driving Permit (IDP)

Rs. 1000

Addition of Vehicle Class

Rs. 1016

Licence Renewal

Rs. 416

Duplicate Licence

Rs. 216

Learner's License (Per Class)

Rs. 151

Additional Test Fee

Rs. 50

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