RTO Rajkot

RTO Rajkot or Regional Transport Office of Rajkot is an administrative entity under the Gujarat government. It is in charge of regulating, registering, and supervising different transportation rules and services, including vehicle registration, license application, and issuing of road permits. 

The main aim of RTO Office  Rajkot is to ensure road safety and to enforce traffic rules and regulations in the city. There is one recognized Regional Transport Office in Rajkot which caters to the needs of the citizens. One can also access a few of the services provided by the RTO online through its official website.

Services Offered by RTO Rajkot

The primary services offered by Rajkot's RTO encompass a diverse range of functions tailored to streamline vehicular operations and enhance road safety:

  1. Issuing of Driving Licences: Rajkot's RTO administers driving licenses to eligible individuals who successfully pass their required examinations. This service extends beyond the issuance of regular driving licenses and includes provisions for obtaining International Driving Permits (IDP), renewing or replicating existing driving licenses, effecting alterations to license details, and expanding license endorsements to encompass additional vehicle classes.
  2. Registration of Vehicles: Rajkot's RTO facilitates the registration of new vehicles and the seamless transfer of ownership for pre-existing ones. This entails the assignment of registration numbers, allocation of vehicle codes, and meticulous upkeep of registered vehicle records.
  3. Vehicle Permits: Rajkot's RTO furnishes a variety of permissions tailored to commercial vehicles, comprising national permits, goods transport permits, school bus permits, and passenger vehicle permits. These permissions grant lawful authorization for commercial vehicles to operate within specific geographic confines, ensuring compliance with regulatory frameworks.
  4. Revenue Collection via Taxes: The RTO in Rajkot plays a pivotal role in collecting various taxes, such as road tax and green tax, from vehicles. This consistent revenue collection serves as a significant financial source for the state government, contributing to both its funds and the enhancement of the state's road infrastructure.
  5. Smart Card RC (Registration Certificate): Rajkot's RTO provides the Smart Card RC service – a contemporary digital substitute for conventional paper-based vehicle registration certificates.
  6. Driving Test Track: Rajkot's RTO extends a Driving Test Track service, facilitating the practical evaluation of aspiring drivers before obtaining permanent licenses. This service ensures that candidates demonstrate proficient driving skills within a secure and authorised environment.
  7. Vahan e-Payment: Rajkot's RTO offers Vahan e-payment services, which empower vehicle owners to conveniently settle various financial obligations related to RTO Rajkot vehicle registration details, including taxes, fees, and assorted services, all through an accessible online portal.
  8. Environmental Law Compliance: The Rajkot RTO diligently upholds environmental standards by conducting regular fitness assessments of older vehicles. This proactive approach ensures that vehicles operating on public roads align with the stringent emission and environmental regulations set forth by the government, promoting cleaner and eco-friendly transportation practices.

Details of RTO Offices in Rajkot

Rajkot RTO Codes

Rajkot RTO Address

RTO Rajkot Contact Number

Working Hours


The Regional Transport Office (RTO Office Rajkot), Near Marketing Yard, Rajkot - 360001


9.45 am - 6.00 pm 

Vehicle Registration Types at RTO Rajkot

The two main categories of vehicle registration that the RTO of Rajkot provides are:

  1. Temporary Registration: New automobiles that haven't yet received permanent registration are typically given this sort of registration, which is given for a brief period of time. It permits the vehicle to lawfully operate on the roads for a predetermined amount of time, often up until the permanent registration procedure is finished.
  2. Permanent Registration: A vehicle's long-term legal right to drive on public roads is provided by permanent registration. It entails the creation of a special registration number and certificate, which act as legal records attesting to the ownership information and compliance with the rules of the vehicle.

Process of Vehicle Registration at Rajkot RTO

Registering a vehicle in Rajkot involves a seamless process. The RTO Rajkot vehicle registration details are as follows:

Step 1: Vehicle Scrutiny and Assessment - Start the process by having your freshly purchased or pre-owned vehicle thoroughly inspected at the Rajkot RTO facility under the supervision of an officially recognized officer. This thorough inspection's goal is to confirm that the vehicle meets established safety and pollution standards, which will guarantee compliance with current legal requirements.

Step 2: Submission of Application Form - After the vehicle inspection, continue by going to the official website of the RTO of Rajkot. Use the 'Vehicle Registration' option when you get to the 'Services' area. Obtain the necessary application for automobile registration within this digital realm. Use caution when methodically entering the necessary information into the form. Place a strong emphasis on accurately filling out required fields and making sure that all important information is filled in completely and accurately.

Step 3: Application Processing and Submission - After thoroughly completing the application form, submit it together with the accompanying collection of the required paperwork. Present this precise information to the RTO office in Rajkot, ensuring that it is fully compliant with the filing criteria.

Step 4: Application Review and Validation - Your submitted application, along with any supporting paperwork, will be subjected to a thorough review and validation procedure by the Rajkot RTO. During this step, the review of all provided materials is given careful consideration, as is the verification of the accuracy of the information.

Step 5: Obtaining a Unique Registration Number - Following the successful completion of the verification and validation phases, the Rajkot RTO will provide your vehicle with an individual registration number. This particular number is unique to your vehicle and acts as a critical component in aiding its official recognition and categorization.

Step 6: Issuance of a Registration Certificate (RC) - The registration procedure concludes with the issue of a Registration Certificate (RC), an essential legal document. This official certification verifies the vehicle's legal registration status. The RC, which has crucial legal significance, precisely incorporates key details about the vehicle, therefore validating its compliance with the existing legal and regulatory framework.

Documents Required for Vehicle Registration at Rajkot RTO

To facilitate the process of vehicle registration at the RTO in Rajkot, the following documents are required:

  •   Application Form for Vehicle Registration (Form 20)
  •   Proof of Identity
  •   Proof of Address
  •   Sale Certificate (for newly purchased vehicles) (Form 21)
  •   Roadworthiness Certificate (Form 22)
  •   Insurance Certificate
  •   PUC (Pollution Under Control) Certificate
  •   Temporary Registration Certificate (if applicable)
  •   Customs Clearance Certificate (for imported vehicles)
  •   Copy of Valid Tax Payment
  •   Proof of Vehicle Purchase (invoice or bill)
  •   Passport-size Photographs
  •   Attested Copy of PAN Card
  •   Affidavit for Address and NOC (if applicable)
  • Form 34 (for Hypothecated Vehicles, in case the vehicle is under a loan or hypothecation)

Vehicle Registration Fees & Costs at RTO Rajkot

The vehicle registration fees and costs at Rajkot RTO are as follows:

Type of Vehicle

Amt (Rs.)

Vehicles for People with Disabilities (Invalid Carriage-Type Vehicles)




Imported Motorcycles


Light Weight Motor Vehicles


Medium Passenger/Goods Vehicles


Heavy Goods Vehicles/Passenger Vehicles


Imported Motor Vehicles


Other Vehicle Types


Process of Driving Licence Registration in RTO Rajkot

To secure a driver's license through the RTO of Rajkot, adhere to the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Access the Official RTO Portal - Initiate the process by accessing the official webpage of Rajkot's RTO. Within the digital domain, navigate through 'Services' and click on the 'Driving Licence' option.

Step 2: Application for New Licence - In the dedicated 'New Licence' segment, opt for 'Application Form'. Subsequently, if you are pursuing a standard car license, select 'Apply Now', which redirects to the Parivahan RTO Rajkot website.

Step 3: Initiation of Learning Licence Application - Obtaining a learning license is a must as a first step. Click on the 'Apply for Learner Licence' link and follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 4: Application for Driving Licence: Returning to the RTO Rajkot website, access the 'Apply for Driving Licence' option.

Step 5: Data Input and Documentation Submission - Provide the necessary personal information, and appropriate papers, and, if necessary, upload your picture and signature. Make a reservation for the Driving Licence Test, if applicable. Proceed to transmit the specified fees, ensuring payment status verification. Finally, generate and save a receipt verifying the slot reservation.

Step 6: Licence Attainment - Wait for the driving test to be completed successfully. The procedure will be completed when the driver's license is validated.

Documents Needed to Apply for a Driving License at RTO Rajkot

To initiate the process of acquiring a driving license from the Rajkot Regional Transport Office (RTO), it is essential to compile and submit a comprehensive set of documents as outlined below:

  • Learner's Licence
  • Application Form 4
  • Application Form 5
  • Passport Size Photographs
  • Application Fee
  • DL Test Fee
  • Age and Address Proof Documents

Fees & Costs for Getting a Driving License from the RTO in Rajkot

Below is a summary of the fees and costs associated with obtaining a driving license from the RTO in Rajkot:

Type of License

Amt (Rs.)

Learner's Licence


Learner's Licence Test (Repeat Test)


Driving Licence Test


Issue of Driving Licence (DL)


Issue of International Driving Permit


Addition of Vehicle Class to DL


Driving Licence Renewal


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