Which are the best SIPs for 2017-18? Moderate risk and 5 -7 years.


Investing with moderately high risk profile is a good option since you Risk and returns are directly proportional. But you need to decide on the minimum SIP amount you need to invest into. Following are the appropriate options:

These are the best two funds according to your requirements. More of them you can find in the following links attached.


SIPs are investment tools that help develop investment discipline and create a large corpus by investing a small amount every month. The concept of compounding is an important part of SIPs. The basic principle of compounding is the earlier you start saving the faster your money multiplies. Over a period of time, steady investments lead to greater yields.

There are several parameters that an investor needs to identify and analyze before making an investment decision, like financial constraint, investment horizon, risk appetite, investment objective, etc.

Since you are looking for long term plans that would expose you to moderate risk, Groww offers various schemes like Start Investing with Rs 3000 - Moderate Risk. The fund has generated annualized return of 17.57%, which means that your corpus would increase to Rs.2,65,309 at the end of just five years upon investing the minimum amount. The risk associated with investing in this scheme is also apropos your risk appetite. This scheme invests funds in both Debt and Equity, thereby diversifying risk exposure across a number of securities.

Another Moderate Risk fund that suits your profile is Wealth Creation. One of Groww’s top performing portfolios, it has generated an annualized return of 24.32%. Commensurate with high returns is its moderately high exposure to risk. A minimum investment of Rs.5000 each month would increase the size of your corpus to Rs.5,46,446 at the end of five years at historic rates. The fund has performed in tandem with Nifty 500, if not better, in the last 5 years.

However, here it is important to note that historic returns are merely indicative, and do not serve as guarantee, of future performance.

You can view other schemes offered by Groww here and identify the plan best suited to you. For a detailed discussion regarding the same, you can contact Groww.

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