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Where should i invest 10k for 5 years

Need help from experts for a portfolio for 5 years with 10 k investment per month.


The answer to this depends on the amount of risk you want to take and since you are investing for 5 years the following categories are possible:Equity mutual  Funds are the ones in which your money will be invested in the equity capital of the companies listed on the stock exchange. The investors monitor the performance of the companies in the portfolio and accordingly invest in these companies. This involves risk since if market doesn't perform well, the returns from the portfolio are not upto the mark.

Following is the portfolio based on: Risk :Moderately high; Overall Returns: 24.53%(amount invested INR 10,000 and for 5 years)This one set of portfolio which is considered to be the best by Groww for SIP investment this year. But again as mentioned before you need to consider your decision based on the risk you are willing to take. Following links should help you to make a correct decision.


An investor will be able to take an investment decision that optimizes his returns only after careful consideration of various factors like investment objective, time horizon, risk appetite, etc.

At Groww, there are a number of portfolios that you can choose from, given your investment constraints. Few of the top performing portfolios most suited to your requirements are:

  • High Growth SIPs for Long Term -

This portfolio has historically generated an annualized rate of return of 44.32%. This means that an investment of ₹10000 each month for even three years would have enhanced the value of your corpus to ₹4,79,260 at historic rates. The portfolio invests across large cap, multi cap and small cap companies. Therefore, investing in this portfolio does entail some amount of risk to the investor. The ideal investment horizon in this scheme is 5+ years. The 3-year return for this portfolio was 20.59%, whereas that of Nifty 50 was only 7.86%.

  • Start Investing with Rs 1000 - Long Term -

This is another of Groww's better performing portfolios. Having generated an annualized return of 37.48%, the portfolio is ideal for long term investments. The risk exposure upon investing in this portfolio is commensurate with the high return that it generates. It comprises majorly of stocks across mid cap and large companies, though a very small portion is invested in debt securities too. The portfolio has consistently outperformed Nifty 50, with the average return over the last 3 years being more than 200% of Nifty 50 comparable.

  • Best Retirement Portfolio -

A slightly riskier option as compared to the other two options listed above, this portfolio has also provided returns that are superior to them. The historical annualized return was 42.34%, enabling performance better than the Nifty 50 benchmark. The portfolio comprises of 5 equity mutual funds, diversified across small cap, mid cap and large cap companies. The ideal investment duration is 10+ years. At historic rates, an investment of ₹10000 each month for five years would increase the value of your corpus to ₹11,18,374. This fund is ideal if you are saving for your retirement and are comfortable with taking risk in the short term to earn high returns in the long run.

It is important to note that historic returns can only indicate and not guarantee future performance. For further information and discussion about a plan that is specifically crafted to suit you, you can contact Groww or visit our website.

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