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What should be the ideal portfolio for a retired person?


No portfolio can be termed as an ideal portfolio but one can assess their needs and design their investment portfolio accordingly. Looking at the case of retired people, they would look for an investment which would yield them regular income. Ideal investments would, therefore, in my opinion be investments that:

  • Involve less risk and give good returns
  • Are diversified in order to yield regular income

Groww has designed few investments specifically for people desiring regular income with less risk attached.

One such scheme with high return attached to it and comparatively lesser risk is Moderately Low Risk Portfolio For Business. It has a trailing annualized rate of return of 13.27%. It is mainly a debt induced portfolio which yields money via interests to the investors. A small part of it is also invested in large capital companies which have less risk attached to it.

One other ideal investment fund is the Better Than FD Returns Low Risk. It is created with all debt investments and therefore involves the least risk. It has had an annualized return rate of 7.29%. One of the key features of this fund is less quantum of of exit load. The investor can withdraw his funds at any point of time without paying any significant extra charges. This enables the investor to maximize his returns.

You may also evaluate Short-Term Low Risk Portfolio if you are looking to park funds for short term. It has historically generated annualized return of 10.77% and exposes the investor to low risk. The total corpus is used in majorly to invest in debt securities, though a smaller portion is also invested in equity.

All the three funds have consistently outperformed their respective benchmarks across time periods.

To calculate your returns upon investing in these funds, you can use the SIP calculator that will appear on the screen upon clicking on the boxes below.

Happy Investing! 


As you are a retired person or are looking for appropriate portfolio options for retired person, it is my assumption that you are looking for less risky investments that will generate regular return. Accordingly, the investment recommendations are based on this assumption. If any of my assumptions do not hold true, you can contact Groww to discuss a plan that suits your investment objective.

Groww's Post Retirement Generate Monthly Income portfolio is designed specifically to meet the investment objectives of retired people. Accordingly, the risk exposure upon investing in this scheme is low and the returns generated are relatively higher, the trailing annualized rate of return standing at 11.83%. A monthly investment of ₹5000 will increase your corpus to ₹63,188 by the end of first year at the trailing rate of return. It being mainly a debt portfolio, returns to the investor accrue majorly by way of interest, though some portion of the corpus is invested in large cap companies that are relatively less risky. On an average, the fund is expected to generate a return of 9-11% per annum.

Another scheme designed to meet the objectives of retired personnel is the Generate Monthly Income Portfolio. This is an all debt portfolio and therefore offers the least risk. Its trailing annualized rate of return is 7.91%, which means that an investment of ₹1000 each month will increase the size of your corpus to ₹12,429 in one year. There is no exit load for investing in this fund, which means that you can exit the fund at any time without paying extra charges. Low expense ratio also helps in improving the overall rate of return.

You can also invest in Short-Term Low Risk Portfolio is one of the top performing portfolios offered by Groww. It has generated return of 10.35% over the past year and exposes the investor to low risk. A mere investment of ₹5000 each month would have generated a return of ₹62,796 at the end of one year at the trailing rate. The funds accumulated under this portfolio are invested in majorly debt securities, with some portion utilized to invest in equities.

You can evaluate other available portfolios here. I hope this answers your question. As stated earlier, please contact Groww in case of further queries so that our team of highly skilled and professional managers can guide you towards making an optimal investment decision.  

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