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What are the best funds for SIP?

I want to start SIP in mutual funds every month for maximum return and least risk. Which funds are best to start SIP in 2017?


Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is an investment tool that inculcates financial discipline in the investor as it requires the investor to invest a specified sum at specified intervals of time. SIPs have become particularly lucrative with flourishing stock market and relatively dull performance of other asset classes.

Since you are looking for funds that provide maximum return and minimum risk, I would recommend that you check out Groww's Hybrid Portfolio - Debt Oriented For Short Term, Short-Term Low Risk Portfolio and Better than FD returns with Debt Mutual Funds.

Hybrid Portfolio - Debt Oriented for Short Term is ideal for you if you are looking for investments for 2 to 4 years. It has, over a period of immediately preceeding 5 years, consistently outperformed its benchmark. Its annualized return over the last 5 years is 14.60% as opposed to the 9.54% generated by its Debt Hybrid benchmark. A one year commitment to this SIP of ₹2000 per month would have generated ₹25,811 at historic annualized rate of return. Half of the funds are invested in equity oriented hybrid fund and the other half is invested in one of the best ultra short debt fund, to minimize exposure to risk.

Groww's Short-Term Low Risk is more of a debt oriented scheme, though it contains 1 equity oriented balanced fund too. The fund has beaten its benchmark consistently across time periods - be it 1 year, 3 year or 5 year. Its 5 year annualized return of 11.20% is significantly better than that of its benchmark, which was 8.26%. The expense ratio of mere 0.81% also positively contributes towards the high rate of return. The minimum investment in this scheme is ₹5000, and investing this sum every month for a year would increase the value of the corpus to ₹62,949 at historic rate of return. The return is significantly higher as compared to that provided by Fixed Deposit, in exchange for marginally higher risk.

Another fund suited to your investment needs is Better than FD returns with Debt Mutual Funds. This fund provides returns that are superior to those provided by Fixed Deposits. It is an all debt portfolio. Its five year annualised return is 9.22% as against benchmark return of 8.26%. The expense ratio of 0.57% is very low too. A total of ₹24,831 can be realised upon investment of ₹2000 per month for one year.

You can view other SIP options available to you here. To better understand which plan is best suitable for you, you can contact Groww or visit our website.


The first step when investing is to decide the duration for which you will be investing. The next step is to decide your risk appetite.

  1. If you are investing for less than 3 years, invest in this portfolio called 'Short Term Low Risk Portfolio'. It consists of 3 debt funds and 1 balanced fund and is designed to give you a stable return in the short term.
  2. If you are investing for around 5 years, invest in the portoflio 'SIPs for 5 yrs Moderate Risk. It has 3 mutual mutual funds of which 2 are equity funds and 1 is a debt fund.
  3. If you can remain invested for 10 years or more, you can look at the portfolio, 5 Best SIPs To Invest In FY 2017-2018. This fund has 4 equity funds and 1 balanced fund. It aims to take advantage of the incredible growth experienced by equity funds over a long period of time.

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