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I want 1 cr in 10 years. How much do I need to invest? Also, suggest good funds.


Investment decision needs to be taken only after considering various parameters, like investment objective, investment duration, and risk taking capacity. The investment principle of "High Risk High Returns" holds true here.

A good long term fund to invest in is Groww's ‘Become a Crorepati in 15 years’. Though this scheme offers high risk exposure, the return that you seek can best be met by this fund. The ideal way to invest in this fund is through Systematic Plan Investment (SIP).

SIPs allow the investor to invest a fixed amount regularly in a Mutual Fund Scheme. The main advantage of investing in SIP is its convenience factor; the money is invested regularly in a scheme with minimal effort on the investor's part. SIPs are flexible both in terms of investment amount and investment period.

Become a crorepati in 15 years is a scheme that mandates an initial investment of ₹25000 and a monthly investment of ₹5000. The scheme has generated an annualized return of 26.88%, thereby effectively increasing the value of the corpus to approximately ₹4,89,185 in just one year. The ideal investment time for the fund is 15 years. The Scheme has consistently outperformed its benchmark index, with the average returns over a five year period averaging 20.27% p.a. whereas Nifty 50 has averaged a return of just 11.86% p.a.

It is important to note that historic rates of return are merely indicative and do not guarantee future performance.

You can check out other fund options available to you here. You can also contact Groww to discuss in detail, an investment plan that best meets your investment objective.

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