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I have to start SIP of Rs 1000 for 1 year and with medium risk. Can you suggest any portfolio?


In order to maximize your investment in Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), you must first identify your investment objective and then select the SIP that best meets that objective.

At Groww, we have SIPs that meet the diverse objectives of different types of investors. Meeting your financial constraints are various plans like Start Investing with Rs 1000 - Long Term, and Better Than FD Returns Low Risk to name a few.

Start Investing with Rs 1000 - Long Term is one of Groww's top performing portfolios. It has generated an annualized rate of return of 24.77%, thereby enabling you to earn Rs. 13,308 out of minimum investment each month at the end of one year. The risk profile of this scheme is moderately high, keeping in line with the historical returns generated. It being primarily an equity portfolio, investing in this scheme will enable you to generate returns identical to stock markets without being exposed directly to risks associated with the stock market. It is a long term investment diversified across mid cap and small cap companies.

Better Than FD Returns Low Risk is a plan more suitable for investors who do are risk averse. The scheme as its name suggests, provides higher return whilst exposing the investor to marginally higher risk as compared to that provided by Fixed Deposits. The historical annualized interest generated by this scheme is 8.39%, which effectively means that at historic rates, an investment of Rs. 1000 in the scheme would increase the size of your corpus to Rs. 12,455 at the end of just one year. This plan also provides better liquidity and tax implications and is ideal for risk averse investors who are looking to park funds for short term.

You can view more investment options available here. You can also contact Groww to discuss and design a plan specifically suited to meet your objectives and other investment parameters like duration of investment, risk bearing capacity, etc. 

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