I am confused about two portfolio on Groww: High Growth SIPs for Long Term and High Risk High Return portfolio, which is better?

which one is better for the long term which can yield the highest return?


First of all let's have a look at the funds in the portfolio and analyze accordingly their performance:

Considering the investments made in funds:

High Growth SIPs :

Invests in large, multi mid and small cap funds, wherein your investment is diversified in a good range and an investment of upto 5 years will give good amount of returns that is 26%. The funds that are performing good in this section are :

So , here if we see there's risk element involved but the returns are very high over a period of five years and with minimum investment of INR 4100 as an SIP.

If you are planning to invest for long term , like here for 5 years the returns will be really good and risk will be minimized over this period.

Now if you are investing for a shorter period, but want greater amount of returns then you can invest in high risk high returns portfolio, its analysis is as shown below:

Here UTI being a sector fund invests mostly in automobile sectors, and recently due to demonetization auto sector is down , so the returns go down but it is expected to recover in next 1 or 2 quarters. Other funds also in this scheme provide better returns compared as compared to standard benchmark.

It all comes down to your goals of getting returns in short term or long term and invest accordingly.

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