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How much investment do I need to get my salary from mutual funds

I want to earn the same amount from mutual fund every month that I get from my salary. How much should I invest to get the same monthly income?


Firstly, entire salary amount cannot be recovered since no mutual fund returns entire 100% you have invested in and secondly, the returns depends on multiple factors such as

1) the salary amount you are earning right now.

2) The amount of risk you are willing to take by investing in different types of funds

3) The time period within which you are expecting the returns

here is the explanation:

1) In order to receive the returns from mutual funds as equal to your salary, you need to plan your investment according to the salary earned.

     I.       For example if you are earning really well in the bracket of 10Lacs or above, some amount of your salary can be invested in large cap funds which are relatively risk free and provide good amount of returns. You also need to make a decision whether to invest in equity mutual funds or debt mutual funds or balanced mutual funds.

    II.       Equity mutual funds mostly invest in the shares of different companies, so risk is a bit high here but if market is doing really well you'll get good amount of returns. Debt mutual funds invest in corporate bonds, government bonds and carry less amount of risk with them.

   III.       A debt mutual fund gives returns typically in the range of 6-11% (but again it depends on the NAV that is net asset value and Assets under management of the mutual fund). On the other hand, equity mutual fund's returns depends on various factors.

2) Investing in mutual funds is not completely risk free, but it also depends on you whether you want to take good amount of risk in order to get good amount of returns. Like said before debt mutual funds are comparatively less risky and with stabilized returns, but they might take time to return your expected value. On the other hand equity mutual funds are risky, but there's this concept which states the higher the risk you take the more returns you expect to return.

3) If you are systematically planning your investments, with proper diversification of portfolios and with proper analysis of market trends, then returns might come in expected time period. Also there has to be proper analysis of which portfolios in the market are doing really well So before expecting any returns please consider the above options and accordingly plan your investments.

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