How is HDFC Mid Cap Opportunities Fund? I am looking for investing 5000 per month for 3-5 years.

Mridul Agrawal

Managed by experienced veteran fund managers – Mr. Chirag Setalvad and Mr. Rakesh Vyas (both with an experience of more than a decade), the fund aims to generate long-term capital appreciation from a portfolio that is substantially constituted of equity and equity related securities of Small and Mid-Cap companies.

It is suitable for investors who seek –

1. Capital appreciation over long term, and

2. To invest in equity and equity related instruments of small and mid-cap companies.

The fund is a moderately risky one. Investors could invest either via SIP or in lump-sum. For SIP investment, minimum investment amount is ₹500 monthly and ₹1500 quarterly. For lump-sum investment, minimum investment amount is ₹5000 and ₹1000 for new and existing investors respectively.

Since its inception in June 2010, the scheme has come a long way in creating wealth for its investors. Its current NAV is ₹59.8620 (as on November 21, 2017) for Direct plan – Growth option. 


HDFC Mid Cap Opportunities Fund is a mid cap fund that has consistently given stable returns to its investors.

This fund is 10 years old and performed better than its benchmark NIFTY Free Float Midcap 100. In the past 1 year, this fund has performed exceptionally well and has given a return of 32%, which is double of what its benchmark index has given.

Few key points for this fund are:

·     Age is more than 10 years

·     Risk is lower than the benchmark

·     Returns are higher than the benchmark

·     Asset Under Management (AUM) is more than 5000 crore, which is not a good thing since returns tend to decrease when AUM crosses a certain limit.

·     Approx 96% of the AUM has been invested in equity and the balance has been kept as cash for liquidity purpose.

·     Majority of the investments are in mid cap category, followed by large cap and a minor portion has been invested in small cap.

·     Investments have been made in various sectors, with maximum investment in Financial Services.

This fund has invested in very reliable companies which have performed very well in the past years and are also expected to perform great in the upcoming years. An investor willing to take moderate risk can definitely invest in this fund. A modest return of 16-20% can be expected for investments made in this fund.


It is a mid cap fund and it's AUM has gone too high for the size of a mid cap fund. Probably thats the reason why it has started underperforming for the last one year. 

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