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How can I buy in International funds? Can you suggest me good funds investing outside India?

I am looking to buy mutual funds that invest outside India? Is it a good idea to invest in such funds? I am looking to diversify my holdings.

Pijush Kanti Biswas

For investing outside Indian market you can choose Global Mutual Fund category.

Global Fund is type of mutual fund, which invests in companies located anywhere in the world. In this fund the accumulated money will be in stock markets of other countries like USA, Brazil etc.

The reason you should consider global investments are:

  • By spreading your money among several markets, you achieve diversification and hedging risk by spreading it across a mix of assets and markets.
  • By investing in several economies at a time, your portfolio can earn smoother returns.
  • There are many benefits associated with them; like introduction to emerging markets, commodities boom, or business cycle of different markets.

Risk associated with Global funds are:

  • There is the risk of volatility in currency exchange rates.
  • In case of International mutual fund, you may find it difficult to get information how the companies linked with those funds are performing, are there any regulatory or change in business plan happening etc. 
  • The upcoming markets can be affected with the economical and political changes of those countries.

Here examples of global funds you can invest in:

Happy Investing!

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