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Switch to Direct. Switch to Groww.

Buy, track and sell Direct Mutual Funds online anytime anywhere from your mobile or computer. Zero Fees.

Why Switch to Groww

Switch to Direct Mutual Funds

All Funds at one place

Paperless buy and sell

Direct Mutual Funds

What are Direct Mutual Funds?

Pay Zero Commission and Get Higher Returns

Same Fund With Higher Returns

Every mutual fund has two plans – Regular and Direct. Both plans have the exact same portfolio. The only difference is of 1 to 1.5% returns every year. The Direct plan has zero commission and the Regular plan has commission paid to agents/banks and other distribution platforms. Therefore, Direct plans give higher returns, assured.


  • +Lower expense Ratio in Direct plans
  • +Higher Returns in Direct plans


  • +The same portfolio, therefore same performance
  • +The same fund manager

Steps to Move Existing Investments

Switch to Direct Mutual Funds

1. Get Statement

  1. Get the statement from Karvy  
    1. Visit Karvy – https://goo.gl/bHddnX
  2. Choose the fields as below
    1. Statement Type: Detailed
    2. Email: enter email linked to your investments.
    3. Password: abcd1234
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2. Send Statement

Forward the statement to support@groww.in

* Check email from samfd@karvy.com with the subject: ‘Consolidated Account Statement’.

* It usually takes few minutes before you get the email in your inbox


Switch to Groww

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Switch to Direct Mutual Funds

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How long will it take?

The complete move will take 2-3 weeks. Once done, you will see it on the dashboard.

Will moving Regular Plans into Groww automatically convert them into Direct Plans?

No. Moving investments will bring your outside Groww investments on Groww. Regular will remain Regular and Direct will remain Direct.

Regular to Direct switch may have tax and exit load consequences.

Once the Regular investments are outside the exit load/short-term tax, we can switch them to Direct. If you wish to switch earlier, let us know at support@groww.in

Will I be able to invest more/withdraw in the same folio from Groww?

Yes, once moved, you can manage your investments on Groww.

Will my existing SIP, STP and SWP work?

It depends on how have you done these investments.

The best would be to stop the existing SIPs/STP/SWP and start them again on Groww. There are no charges for stopping and starting SIP.

Ready to get Started?

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Groww helps first-time investors start investing in the simplest way.


Groww is led by a team with deep experience in technology and finance. Groww is backed by renowned investors who have built successful internet and finance companies.