Green Tax - Meaning, Importance and Vehicles Covered

According to the most recent update, the Central Government has suggested charging a green fee on renewing personal car registration certificates after 15 years. This fee is known as the green tax. This was introduced to prevent vehicle owners from driving older vehicles. This is due to the high emission levels of these vehicles resulting in the addition of considerable environmental pollutants.

Here we will discuss the meaning and importance of the green tax in India, along with the types of vehicles covered under this tax. Having a basic idea about green tax will be highly beneficial for all motor vehicle owners in India.

Green Tax Meaning

Green tax, also known as pollution tax or environmental tax, is a tax paid on all commodities that pollute the environment.  The government has also proposed a reduced green tax for commercial cars and a higher green tax for automobiles travelling in the country's most polluting cities. Both personal and commercial vehicles are liable to pay green tax. However, this tax is only applicable to diesel and petrol cars or bikes. You are exempted from this tax if you own an electric or CNG vehicle.

Importance of Green Tax in India

The government imposed a green levy on vehicles to discourage people from using older vehicles that create a lot of pollution. This would contribute to lowering overall pollution levels in the environment. The tax revenue collected by the government would also be used to battle pollution levels by establishing specialized pollution or emission monitoring stations. These stations would substantially contribute to the control of air pollution.

Vehicles Covered Under Green Tax

The rules for green tax liabilities vary depending on whether the vehicle is personal or business. The following are the guidelines:

Commercial Vehicles - The green tax on vehicles is only applicable if the commercial automobile or two-wheeler is more than eight years old.

Personal Vehicles - If your bike or automobile is over 15 years old, you must pay a vehicle green tax.

The green tax is typically charged as a proportion of the state's road tax. In addition, green tax for vehicles and bikes must be paid while renewing the vehicle's registration certificate.

How to Pay Green Tax Online?

The government of India has made it easy for citizens to pay green tax payments. You can make green tax online payments by visiting the official VAHAN website and following the simple steps outlined below:

Step 1: Log in to the VAHAN website with your credentials.

Step 2: On the website, enter your vehicle registration information.

Step 3: Select 'Pay Your Tax' and input your phone number. 

Step 4: Complete the OTP verification and select the relevant tax option. 

Step 5: Pay any outstanding green taxes using online payment methods.

When your payment is successful, you will be notified that your green tax has been paid.

Green Tax on Vehicles

Tamil Nadu Green Tax

Type of Vehicle



Rs. 500


Rs. 1,000

Maharashtra Green Tax

Type of Vehicle



Rs. 2,000

Four-wheelers (Petrol)

Rs. 2,000

Four-wheelers (Diesel)

Rs. 3,500

Andhra Pradesh Green Tax

Type of Vehicle



Rs. 500

Non-Transport Vehicles (Over 15 Years of Age)


Transport Vehicles (Over 7 years of age)


Goa Green Tax

Vehicle Type



Rs. 1,100


Rs. 1,760

Heavy Motor Vehicle

Rs. 4,400

Medium Motor Vehicle

Rs. 2,640

Light Commercial Vehicle

Rs. 2,200

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