Tyre Protector Cover in Car Insurance

Think of your perfect and favourite pair of shoes. Now imagine them carrying the entire weight of your body, walking on potholes and taking bumpy rides that feel like a roller coaster. It's like your shoes are in for an adventurous ride and might need an extra layer of protection.

Similarly, the tyre protector cover is like the shoes of your car. Tyres are those parts of the vehicle that are subject to varied road surfaces. Moreover, tyres these days do not come cheap. The more expensive the car is, the better the quality of the tyres and the higher the prices. Hence, the tyre protector cover provides reimbursement for expenses related to the tyre damages of vehicles and can be purchased with a comprehensive policy as an add-on.

Who Should Buy a Tyre Protector Cover?

Since tyres are such a vital part of any vehicle, it is important to give them enough care. The add-on is recommended for people who:

  • Use their vehicles for travel daily.
  • Travel long distances and across varied road conditions daily.
  • Live in hilly areas and drive around in mountainous regions. 
  • If you have an expensive car whose tires are also very expensive to repair.

Inclusions Under Tyre Protector Add-on Cover

Any standard insurance policy will provide the following inclusions in the tyre protector add-on:

  • Reimbursement for the cost of replacement of damaged tyre with an equivalent or near equivalent tyre with the same model specifications.
  • Labour Charges arising out of repair/replacement of tyres.
  • Any charges towards wheel balancing.
  • Unintentional harm or impairment to tires and inner tubes that result in the tire becoming unsuitable for use. This covers situations like tire bulges, tire bursts/cuts or any other scenario rendering the tyre unfit for use. 

Exclusions Under the Tyre Protector Cover

Given below is the list of things that are not covered under the Tyre Protector Add-on Cover:

  • Damages due to normal wear and tear of tyres.
  • Damages arising out of punctures. A puncture is a common phenomenon, and a tyre protector add-on does not cover these minor repairs.
  • Damages arising out of poor workmanship or repair in an unauthorised garage.
  • Damages due to manufacturing defects.
  • Damages arising out of improper storage or transportation.
  • Damages arising out of overloading of goods or exerting extra weight on the vehicle. 
  • Any loss or damage to the tyre of the Insured Vehicle which has been used for its full specified life as per manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Where the batch number of damaged tyre(s) is different than the make, model or batch number specified in the Schedule.
  • Theft of the tyre of the Insured Vehicle.
  • Any loss or damage to rims, wheel accessories, suspension or any other part or accessories of the Insured.
  • Vehicle arising as a result of damage to the tyre(s) of the Insured Vehicle.

How Claim is Calculated?

A loss settlement criteria has been established by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India. The insurer will have to refer to the following criteria for calculating the claim amount:

Mean Residual Tread Depth of the Tyre(s) at the Time of Loss

Admissible Claim Amount

>= 7 mm

100% of the cost of new tyre(s)

>=6.5 and <=6.9 mm

85% of the cost of new tyre(s)

>=5 mm and <=6.4 mm

75% of the cost of new tyre(s)

>=3mm and <= 4.9 mm

50% of the cost of new tyre(s)

< 3mm


The damaged tyre will be measured at the centre of the tread. The mean of a minimum of three readings is calculated, and accordingly, the claim amount is fixed.

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