Rim Damage Cover in Car Insurance

The rim damage cover provides protection against the damage caused to wheel rims of a vehicle. While the tyre protection cover provides insurance for the damage caused to tyres, it does not cover any damages done to the wheel rims. Hence, policyholders have to buy this add-on by paying an additional amount. The add-on can be bought along with a comprehensive insurance policy or with a standalone own damage policy. It cannot be bought with a third party insurance. 

In case a rim gets physically damaged or warped, the policyholder can raise a claim under this add-on. The insurer will provide replacement of the rim with the same make and model specifications. If the model with the same specifications is unavailable, and a superior model is available, the insurance company covers the basic costs, while the policyholder bears the additional charges. However, the add-on can be used only for a specific number of times. Usually, the add-on can be claimed 4 times in one policy tenure but the actual number varies from insurer to insurer. 

Important Things To Know About Rim Damage Cover

One must consider the following points before opting for a rim damage cover:

  • If you have comprehensive insurance, it covers accidents and calamities, including rim damage. However, for non-accidents like hitting potholes or debris, you should consider getting rim damage coverage to prevent losses.
  • Most insurers offer this coverage only for vehicles that are fitted with Run Flat tyres or Tubeless Tyres. 
  • In case, the policyholder decides to replace the rim on his own, the information has to be given to the insurer along with the necessary details.

What is Covered in Rim Damage Add-on?

General inclusions provided by the add-on are:

  • Cost of replacement of damaged rims with a new rim of the exact same model specifications. 
  • In case, a model with identical specifications isn't available, and a better model is, the insurance company covers the basic expenses, and the policyholder incurs the extra costs.
  • Few insurers will also cover consumables and labor charges associated with the rim replacement. 

What is not covered in Rim Damage Cover?

Given below are the list of things that are not included under the Rim Damage Cover:

  • Cost of activities such as Wheel Rotation, Wheel Alignment, Tyre Rotation etc. (maintenance related activities)
  • Theft of the Insured Vehicle’s Rims
  • Damages due to accidental fire
  • If rims are already covered under a warranty
  • When there is a minor damage and the functioning of the car is not disturbed.
  • Damages due to lack of maintenance
  • Damages due to illegal activities such as racing.
  • Any damage to car accessories due to rim damage
  • Damages caused due to manufacturing mistakes.
  • Damages due to regular wear and tear.

Is it a wise decision to make a claim under Rim Damage Cover?

Although people can buy the rim damage cover at a minimal addition to the comprehensive policy, there is a Compulsory Deductible every time a claim is registered. Sometimes, it may happen that the deductible is almost the same as the cost or repair/replacement. Hence, the decision to whether to make a claim or not depends on the kind of tyres the vehicle has and the cost of new rims for the vehicle. 

Moreover, a claim under this cover might or might not impact No Claim Bonus benefit (varies from insurer to insurer). Some insurers don't consider it as long as no other claim is made for damage to the vehicle. Hence, under your policy, if your NCB gets affected if you make a claim under this cover, it would be beneficial if a claim is not registered. 

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