The Varroc Engineering public issue will be a pure sale of shares by the promoter and investors. The company does not plan to raise any fresh capital for investing in its business. The IPO is opening for subscription on 26th June and will go till 28th June.

Varroc Engineering IPO details

Subscription Dates 26 – 28 June 2018
Price Band INR965 – 967 per share
Fresh issue Nil
Offer For Sale 20,221,730 shares (INR1,951.4 – 1,955.4 crore)
Total IPO size 20,221,730 shares (INR1,951.4 – 1,955.4 crore)
Minimum bid (lot size) 15 shares
Face Value  INR1 per share
Retail Allocation 35%
Listing On NSE, BSE

Business details of Varroc Engineering Ltd:

  • Global Lighting Business– The design, production and supply of exterior lighting for passenger car OEMs worldwide.
  • Indian Business– The design, production and supply of a wide variety of auto parts in India, mainly to two-wheeler and three-wheeler OEMs.
  • Other Business– The company also has a third business line, which includes the design, production and supply of two-wheeler lighting to global Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM), under carriage forged machine components for Off Highway Vehicle’s (OHV) and drill bits for the oil and gas sector.

Varroc Engineering Ltd is the second largest Indian auto component group and is a leading tier-1 producer and supplier to our country’s two-wheeler and three-wheeler OEMs.

The company has 37 production facilities, 12 engineering centres, 13,500 employees and 760 engineering experts in 10 countries, according to the it’s website. It claims to be the number one two-wheeler automotive component supplier in the country.

Varroc Engineering’s financial performance (in INR crore)

FY2013* FY2014* FY2015 FY2016 FY2017 FY2018
Total revenues 4,225.3 6,139.4 7,038.5 8,239.5 9,702.3 10,417.1
Total expenses 4,220.9 6,055.2 7,063.3 7,897.5 9,454.3 9,973.5
Profit after tax -25.4 42.0 13.0 369.0 303.0 450.3
Net margin (%) -0.6 0.7 0.2 4.5 3.1 4.3

Listing Details of Varroc Engineering:

IPO Opening Date: 25 June 2018

IPO Closing Date: 28 June 2018

Finalisation of Basis of Allotment: 3 July 2018

Initiation of refunds: 4 July 2018

Transfer of shares to demat accounts: 5 July 2018

Listing Date: 6 July 2018
Objects of the Issue:
The objects of the Offer are to achieve gains of listing the Equity scrips on the Stock Exchanges and to carry out the Offer for Sale by selling existing shareholder’s share. Further, Varroc Engineering anticipates that listing of the equity scrips will better their visibility and brand image and give liquidity to their Shareholders. The listing will also give a public market for the Equity Shares in the country.

Varroc Engineering will not get any amount from the offer of sale and all the proceeds will be received by the selling shareholders, in proportion to the equity shares offered by the respective existing shareholders who are selling their stake. The selling shareholders have approved the transfer of their respective portion of the equity scrips as per the offer for sale as set out below:

1. Tarang Jain- 1,752,560
2. Omega TC Holdings Pte. Ltd.- 15,373,608
3. Tata Capital Financial Services Limited- 1,410,432
Comparison with peers:

Company Name Face Value EPS PE Ratio RoNW NAV
Varroc Engineering Ltd 1 33.40 28.95 15.93% 209.69
Motherson Sumi Ltd 1 7.59 41.94 17.60% 61.01
Bharat Forge Ltd 2 16.38 40.42 16.11% 100.55
Endurance Technologies Ltd 10 27.78 45.43 17.98% 154.47

Expansion plans for Varroc Engineering Ltd:
Varroc Lighting Systems is in the process of setting up a new manufacturing plant in Brazil, for the South American market, and Morocco, for the southern European and north African markets. Varroc Engineering anticipates that their manufacturing plants in Brazil and Morocco will start production in FY2019.

The company has also entered into an agreement to acquire an exterior automotive lighting company based in Turkey and the deal was signed on May 30, 2018, with the sale scheduled to complete by the end of this month, subject to receiving approval from the Turkish competition authority.
Positives for Varroc Engineering Ltd:

  • Global lighting business- Focus on high growth markets.
  • India business- Focus on increasing customer revenue.
  • Continuous investment in research and development, design, engineering and software capabilities in order to capitalize on future trends.

Investment concerns for Varroc Engineering Ltd:

  • The company reported low consolidated top-line and bottom-line CAGR of 12 % & 10% respectively over FY 2016-18
  • Varroc Engineering’s 35 % revenue comes from our country i.e. from 2wheeler and 3wheeler sector which are not high growth sectors.

Exits from Varroc Engineering Ltd:
Few companies and funds will be exiting the company by selling their stakes and receiving the proceeds of the offer for sale. Tata Opportunities Fund will completely sell their share in Varroc Engineering. It owns a 12.55 % stake in the company and stands to make Rs 1,635.8 crore from the public issue. The fund had invested Rs 300 crore in 2014.

Another Tata entity, Tata Capital Financial Services Ltd, will also sell its entire 1.15% stake in the company. Tata Opportunities Fund’s exit from Varroc will be among the largest public issue exits by any private equity firm in India.
Lead Managers to the Issue:

  • Citigroup Global Markets India Pvt Ltd
  • Credit Suisse Securities (India) Pvt Ltd
  • IIFL Holdings Ltd
  • Kotak Mahindra Capital Company Ltd

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