You have made a good choice of investing with Mutual Funds. Mutual Funds is the best way to participate in Indian Stock market without taking the trouble and risk of picking individual stocks.

As a beginner, you should be looking at the diversified portfolio. Mutual Funds have different categories (based on the underlying holdings they have). You can join the Whatsap group discussing Mutual Funds to learn from experts and experienced investors at Investment Discussion Group

The broad categories of Mutual Funds are –

Equity – Invests in stock market, high risk high returns investments, best suited for SIP for long term (5 years and more)

Debt – Safe investments, not linked with stock markets, good for parking lump sum.

Hybrid – Mix of debt and equity, good for short term (2–3 years) investments, moderate risk, moderate growth.

Clearly your requirements are for Equity Mutual Funds. There are further few categories of Equity Mutual Funds based on the size or sector of the underlying holdings.

Here is a diversified portfolio of best performing funds for SIP

High Growth SIPs for Long Term