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Here we list down the top 10 best performing mutual funds in India. 

Best Equity Funds (5)

Best Large Cap FundMirae Asset India Opportunities Fund has beaten the benchmark handsomely in large cap category. It is usually very difficult to outperform in large cap because of the limited number of companies in India

Best Mid Cap Fund: From the same fund house, Mirae Emerging Bluechip Fund - consistent track record. These two funds together have kept Mirae's flags flying high.

Best Small Cap Fund: Reliance Small Cap fund from Reliance has become the top performing in the small cap. And also very popular because of the recent upward movement in small cap companies. It is the top performing fund but you should tread with care. In you are planning to invest, go SIP. 

Best Multi Cap Fund: It was very difficult to choose only one fund here, so we selected two -

1) Aditya Birla Sun Life Equity Fund - started in 1998, it has an awesome track record. 

2)  Motilal Oswal Focused Multicap 35 - what this fund lacks in history (relatively new fund), it covers up in the performance. Equity has been a strength of Motilal Oswal conglomerate and this fund is clearly proving that.

Best Tax Saving Funds (2)

Although there are many good tax saving funds, we have selected only 2 here (to squeeze into the top 10 list). Please not ELSS funds have lock-in of 3 years. These are the best performing and most popular ELSS funds. 

1) Aditya Birla Sun Life Tax Relief 96 

2) DSP BlackRock Tax Saver Fund

Best Balanced Fund (1)

Again there are lot of good balanced fund but since we could choose only one, here is the one 

HDFC Balanced Fund: The rising AUM tells the popularity of this fund. In last 5 years, this fund has beaten the benchmark by 8%. Not an ordinary feat.

Best Debt Funds (2)

With rising markets, debt funds are becoming very popular with people who are averse to risk. Here are two debt funds - one liquid fund and another ultra short term fund. One can use these funds to park your money or for investing a lump sum for short duration. One can also look them as a substitute to a savings account or fixed deposits.

Liquid Fund: Kotak Floater - Short Term - 5* liquid fund 

Ultra Short Term Fund: Franklin India Low Duration Fund 

10 Best Performing Mutual Funds In India
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