When the UAN, or EPF Passbook, is generated, the EPFO member has to have a registered mobile number of the member, for which the EPFO has made provisions. EPFO (Employees Provident Fund Organisation) members now have a Universal Account Number (UAN). The Universal Account Number is a 12-digit number, which is assigned to each member of the Employee Provident Fund. This figure does not change throughout an employee’s career. If an employee switches jobs, he will be assigned a new EPF member ID.

EPFO members can use SMS to access a variety of services on their registered mobile number. When signed up for the first time for the EPFO portal, new members must register their mobile phones. EPFO members can use SMS to access a variety of services on their registered mobile number. It is also mandatory for a new member to register the mobiles when signing up for the first time with the EPFO website.

Even while an employee changes their mobile number throughout their life, they must have a UAN mobile number change, EPFO mobile number change, and PF mobile number change, which keeps an employee updated. 

Services through EPF Mobile

There are several services a member can avail of through EPF Mobile. They are:

  • UAN Status
  • EPF Balance
  • EPF Transfer/withdrawal
  • Bank Account, PAN, and Aadhaar linking status
  • Last contribution
  • OTP Services for authentication

Steps to Register Mobile Number on EPFO Online 

Before we can learn how to change your mobile number, we must first understand how to register your mobile number for the first time on the EPFO Member portal. When the UAN is created, the EPFO member must log in to the EPFO member portal to enable it. The EPFO member must take the following steps to unlock the UAN:

Step 1 Go to the EPFO Portal.
Step 2 Select the option ‘Activate UAN’ present on the right side of the screen under the category of ‘important links’ option.
Step 3 Enter the UAN number, date of birthday, email ID, and mobile number.
Step 4 Receive the OTP[one-time password] on the given mobile number.
Step 5 Submit the given OTP to activate the UAN, which will register the number to the EPF account.

Change of Mobile Number of a UAN or EPF Member Account Online

This method is for members who have already registered with another number but want to change the existing registered number to a new one.

Step 1 Sign in with your UAN and password to the EPFO participant web portal.
Step 2 From the “Manage” menu, select the “Contact Details” option.
Step 3 Choose “Check Mobile No.” from the drop-down menu. You’ll be taken to a new segment after doing so. Double-check your latest mobile number details. 
Step 4 After that, choose “Get Authorization Pin” from the drop-down menu.
Step 5 An OTP will be sent to the new phone line.
Step 6 Then, in the provided room, enter the OTP and press “Submit.”
Step 7  The EPFO portal will be updated with the most recent mobile number.

Changing the Mobile Number when the Password has been Forgotten

Usually, one may not have to log into the EPFO portal that much, unless there is an important activity. Thus, due importance is not given to the password and can be forgotten at most times. Over time, when there comes a requirement to change the mobile number and the password is forgotten, there is a way to change the number.

The Simple Steps to Update the New Number and Change the Password

Step 1 Select the “Forgot Password” link on the EPFO Member web portal.
Step 2 Fill in the UAN number as well as the Captcha code. Then press the “Submit” button.
Step 3 Click the “No” button if you want to change the mobile number details.
Step 4 Click “Verify” after entering your name, gender, and birth date.
Step 5 Select Aadhaar or PAN and fill in the required details. Then, to confirm the appeal, press “Verify.”
Step 6 Once you’ve verified your details, the device will prompt you to input your most recent mobile number. Fill in the current mobile number information and click the “Get OTP” button.
Step 7  The OTP will be sent to the most recent mobile phone number. After entering the OTP, press “Verify.”
Step 8  If the OTP has been checked, a new segment will appear below, telling you to double-enter your new password. After that, double-check your new password and press the “Submit” button.
Step 9 Finally, the device is upgraded with the most recent telephone, and the password is successfully reset.

Benefits of UAN EPF Mobile Number Change

  • Enablement of checking EPF balance by simply sending a text message from the registered mobile number.
  • The claim of status can be effortlessly checked with the help of an updated mobile number.
  • SMS updated every time there has been a contribution to the account that confirms the successful deposit of the amount.
  • When the account holder of the account withdraws the EPF amount and initiates the process of the same, they will receive an SMS update on the registered mobile number stating the amount.
  • In order to transfer funds from an old EPF to a new EPF, the mobile number has to be registered.
  • While initiating activities on the EPF portal, there is a need to validate the process, and the validation can only be done through the help of the OTP, which is mostly sent to the registered mobile number.

UAN EPF Mobile Number Change – FAQs

Q1. How to Register the mobile number with the UAN number?

The measures for registering a mobile number with a UAN number are as follows:

  • Visit the EPFO’s official website.
  • Choose the ‘UAN Activate’ function.
  • Fill in your UAN number, age, birth date, phone number, and email address.
  • After that, choose the ‘Get Authorization Pin’ alternative.
  • A one-time password (OTP) will be produced and sent to your phone number.
  • To complete the verification process for your UAN and mobile number, enter the OTP.

Q2. Is it possible to upload KYC Documents using EPFOs Member Portal?

Yes, but the boss would use his or her digital signature to digitally attest the papers. Your records that will be seeded in the EPFO member portal will be accurate until this is completed. Your KYC will be marked as “Pending” before the attestation process is completed.

Q3. What happens when I change my Job?

The procedures for PF accounts have been much more relaxed since the launch of the UAN. All you have to do now is notify your current boss about your UAN. All of your accounts will be connected by the UAN, which will be kept as a single account.