Provident Fund (PF) is a vital fulcrum of savings and investments for the future, especially retirement. Contributions are made both by the employer and employee for this purpose. If you have been seeking a loan against PF, it is definitely possible to obtain the same. You can withdraw funds from your own PF account as a loan for various purposes.

Partial withdrawals are allowed if the loan is for repairing or buying a house. Contributions that are made towards the EPF scheme will help salaried employees withdraw a lump sum amount when they retire. Yet, employees are allowed to partially withdraw money throughout the course of their employment duration. 

This money may be used as a loan if there are any financial emergencies to take care of. Yet, an extensive verification procedure is conducted by the EPFO for ensuring the validity of the application in question. Post successful verification, employees may take any partial or advance withdrawal against their EPFO accounts. 

The important thing to note here is the employee will have to be employed in service for at least 5 years to have eligibility for the loan against pf balance.

Reasons for Availing Loan Against PF

A few reasons why employees may avail of a loan against employee provident fund include the following: 

  • Educational purposes
  • Repayment of home loans
  • Home renovation or construction 

If employees want to get any loans or advances, their KYC (know your customer) details should be properly linked to their UANs or Universal Account Numbers

How to Get a Loan Against the Provident Fund?

Getting a loan against provident fund is not difficult although you should keep a few procedures in mind. Withdrawals represent advances instead of loans. Advances may be taken throughout your employment duration based on specific conditions. Along with the reason behind obtaining the advance, the number of years of service for the employee will also count immensely. 

Here are some aspects to keep in mind: 

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  • The advance form /form 31, should be carefully submitted in tandem with other vital documents for getting this loan successfully approved. 
  • The procedure for availing of the loan may be completed upon the EPFO portal itself. 
  • Employees should make use of their UAN login for the portal in question. Yet, people can only log in if the UAN activation procedure has been completed. 

Rules for EPF Advances

The key rules and regulations for EPF advances that should be followed include the following: 

  • Based upon the PF withdrawal category, an employee should have finished a specific number of years in service. 
  • The service period completed by the employee in every organization will be computed for working out the overall service. Yet, the PF amount of the older organization should be transferred to the new Member ID in this case. 
  • Employees may use their UAN for completion of this procedure for fund transfer. 
  • The monetary amount that you can withdraw will also vary on the basis of the kind of withdrawal made. 
  • Depending upon the category, you can withdraw up to 36 times of DA and basic salary. 

Conditions for Getting a Loan Against PF Balance

There are several regulations so that people do not frequently withdraw money. The key goal behind this is to ensure that people end up saving some money for their retirement at least. 

Here are some of the conditions to be kept in mind. 

  • For marriages, up to 50% of the employee’s EPF contribution may be withdrawn and the money can be withdrawn for the marriage of the EPF holder, his/her siblings and children. 
  • EPFO members should have finished 7 years of service at least. 
  • For illnesses, withdrawals may be done for the medical treatment of the EPF member, parents, spouse or children. 
  • The full contribution of the employer or 6 months’ DA and basic salary, whichever is lower, may be withdrawn. No minimum service period is needed in this scenario. 

Some Other Conditions that You Should Note 

  • For buying or building a house, EPFO members should have completed 5 years of service at least. 
  • The property should be held in the EPFO member’s name or his/her spouse or even under joint ownership. 
  • Only a single withdrawal will be allowed in this case. 
  • The total employee and employer contributions or 36 times the basic salary and DA of the employee, whichever is lower, may be withdrawn. 
  • Up to 50% of contributions made by EPFO members may be withdrawn for educational purposes. 
  • Up to 3 withdrawals may be allowed and money may be withdrawn for post-matriculation educational purposes of the children of the EPFO member. 
  • EPFO members should have been in service for a minimum of 7 years. 
  • EPFO members can withdraw money as an advance for buying land if they have completed 5 years of service and the property should be in the member’s name or his/her spouse’s name or jointly owned. 
  • Only a single withdrawal is allowed in this scenario. 
  • The total contributions made by employee and employer or 24 times of basic salary and DA, whichever is lower, may be withdrawn. 

What happens if the company is Shut Down?

In case of lock-out of the company, i.e. the company remains closed for 15 days or more and the employee has not got the salary for a couple of months or more, an amount equaling the unpaid salary may be withdrawn. 

The share of the employee can be withdrawn. If the company remains closed for a longer period, the PF may also be withdrawn. If any individual remains unemployed for a month, then he/she may withdraw up to 75% of the EPF amount available. If any individual remains unemployed for 2 months or more, the full EPF amount may be withdrawn. Up to 90% of the available balance in EPF may be withdrawn by members one year prior to actual retirement or post attaining the age of 54 years, whichever is later. 

Loan Against PF – FAQs 

  1. What are the reasons for obtaining a loan against PF? 

Ans. The reasons may include the following: 

  • Illnesses
  • Weddings
  • Home renovation 
  • Repayment of home loan 
  • Higher education purposes 
  • Buying a home 

2. What is the service period to be completed for buying or building a house and getting a loan against PF for the same? 

Ans. The member should have completed a minimum of 5 years in service to be eligible for a loan in this category.

3. How many times can one avail PF loan?

Ans. Money from your EPF account can be withdrawn for reasons like marriage if you have already completed five years of your service life. 50% of the fund in your EPF account can be used and one can apply for a loan against PF a maximum of three times.

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