EPF Grievance

The EPF scheme is an official social saving scheme. The EPFO program expands each year as new employers join the system to contribute to the retirement savings fund.

The scheme is administered by the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO), which organizes all of the contributions and ensures that the right money is given to the right individual. With the vast number of EPF participants, it is understandable that if any questions or complaints occur, members must either contact the employer or face difficulties in resolving their issues.

However, the government, through the EPFO, devised a genius method for resolving EPF issues and inquiries. The framework will resolve this issue and assist in connecting EPFO assistance to EPF members. Staff and bosses save time and money by being able to resolve problems online. The EPFO’s updated I-grievance management system, also known as EPFiGMS makes it easier for stakeholders to communicate their concerns and grievances to the EPFO. It’s built with a segment to remind you to search and answer any pending service complaints. Applicants may also use the web portal to monitor the status of their problems.

Features of the EPFiGMS

  • Customer grievances can be filed online with UAN OTP authentication.
  • Allows consumers to file reminders for unresolved complaints.
  • Customers will monitor the progress of their complaint resolution.
  • Providing updates on complaints that have been resolved
  • Allowing consumers to upload several grievance documents

The EPF Grievance Portal

The grievance portal enables employees with EPF [Employee Provident Fund] accounts with the benefit to lodge a complaint if they are facing any of the below-mentioned issues.

  • Withdrawal of a portion of the EPF
  • The Form 13 Scheme certificate or 10c is used to pass Provident Fund accumulations.
  • Obtaining Pension Settlement PF Balance Issues
  • Type 51F payment or insurance coverage
  • Concerns on the allocation or displacement of funds

Filing an Online EPF Complaint at PF Grievances

Both EPF participants have access to the I-grievance management scheme. To file a lawsuit, they must first log in as follows:

Step 1: Visit the official EPF grievance management system page, which is
Step 2: On the homepage select the tab that says ‘register grievance’ to make the complaint.
Step 3: Select the option that has been provided against the section ‘status’
Step 4: Select ‘Others’ in a case where you do not know the PF Number.
Step 5: Enter your Universal Account Number [UAN] and Security Code.
Step 6: Click on the option that says ‘Get Details’.
Step 7: You will see your name, UAN, Email ID, and mobile number displayed on the screen.
Step 8: Click on the option ‘Get OTP’. Enter the received OTP, which has been sent to your mobile number.
Step 9:  Under the section that says ‘Personal Details’, choose the relevant PF number.
Step 10: Under the section ‘Grievance Details’ select what the grievance is related to, the grievance category, and enter the description.
Step 11: Upload the relevant documents that are needed for the complaint. You can do this by clicking on ‘Choose Files’ and then ‘Attach’.

How to know the PF Grievance Status?

Checking the status of a lawsuit is a quick procedure. Below is a step-by-step protocol for checking the status of a complaint:

  • Visit the official EPFiGMS website again.
  • Click on the option that says ‘View Status’
  • Enter the registration number that you had received during the time of complaint registration.
  • Type the grievance password or telephone number/email ID if the lawsuit was filed on an earlier edition of the website.
  • Enter the security code that is displayed on the screen.
  • Click on the option ‘Submit’
  • After this, the EPF grievance status of the complaint will be displayed on the screen

Send a Follow-Up if there is a Delay

You can use the grievance website to provide updates if your issue has not been answered promptly. The below is a step-by-step guide to sending a reminder:

  • Visit the EPF i-Grievance Reporting Sector’s official page (
  • Select ‘Send Reminder’ from the drop-down menu.
  • In the next tab, type the registration number you were given when you filed the complaint.
  • If you registered your report using an earlier edition of the website, you’ll need to type your grievance password or telephone number/email ID.
  • After that, type in the reminder’s definition as well as the authentication code.
  • Select ‘Submit’ from the drop-down menu. Regarding the complaint, a reminder will be submitted to the appropriate agency.

Benefits of the EPF Grievance Portal

Many EPF members, as well as employers, profit from the scheme. Unlike in the past, the complaints are quickly answered. We have a number of advantages here.

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  • The portal is simple to use for all EPF participants and includes all kinds of individuals in the workforce.
  • EPFO officials are capable of quickly tracing and resolving any problem.
  • Members don’t have to go to the EPF headquarters, which saves time.
  • The allegation will be resolved, as well as assisting the EPFO in resolving related complaints about all EPFO members in the future. They figure out which complaint is raised by a large number of staff or employers and try to resolve it.
  • With the right expertise in operation, the portal has many teams that can fix issues.

EPF Grievance – FAQs

Q1.How to get my EPF grievance registration number?

Your identification number will be sent to the email address you provided when you applied for an EPF grievance. It is recommended that you save your registration number in case you forget your password or login information.

Q2.How to check the grievance status?

On the official website, you can review the status of your PF grievance under the ‘View Status’ section on the top menu bar.

Q3.How long will it take to get the claim?

The PF number will be deposited into your bank account electronically in 5 to 30 days from the date of application. It takes between 20-30 days in offline mode.

Q4.How do I call EPF Customer Care?

On their toll-free phone, 1800 118 005, you can call EPF customer service to file a report or get answers to your questions.

Q5.Is it possible for an EPFO member to file a complaint through social media?

Yes, EPFO members can use social media to file a lawsuit. and are the Twitter and Facebook accounts to use to file a report.

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